Champion Overhaul Suggestion Spotlight: The Juggernaut

Champion Overhaul Suggestion: Juggernaut
The Unstoppable Juggernaut is one of the Contest’s earliest champions and for a time was an oppressive defender in quests, Alliance Quests and Wars due to his signature and only gimmick, the Unstoppable buff. As the Contest aged, more champions with Unstoppable as a part of their kit came out and utilized it much more effectively not only as a defensive ability, but an offensive ability as well. Champions such as Thing, The Champion, Annihulus use the Unstoppable effect much more diversely and even the newly buffed champion Magneto and newcomer Dragon-Man use the effect more successfully. The overall premise of my proposed overhaul is to both make Juggernaut more threatening while Unstoppable and to also add-on to his identity as a Mystic champion.

Base Stat changes: +10% Base Physical and Energy Resistance

Fury: When struck, Juggernaut has a 25% chance to gain a Fury Buff for 11 seconds, granting 50% Attack. This buff cannot be removed, nullified or affected by Buff duration from the opponent’s abilities if Juggernaut has more than 1 Unstoppable Buff active.
Juggernaut’s Fury buff increases potency by 70% per Unstoppable Buff on the Juggernaut.

Cyttorak’s Favor (Passive): Cyttorak grants Juggernaut ~40% Armor Rating and 15% Critical Resistance. Additionally, Juggernaut becomes Unstoppable at the start of the fight, shrugging off all attacks for 4 seconds.
Each time Juggernaut dashes at the opponent while under the effect of his personal Unstoppable buff, he refreshes his Unstoppable Buffs and gains an additional Unstoppable buff. Max Stack: 3.
Juggernaut’s personal Unstoppable buffs expire one at a time, but cannot be refreshed once the Max Stack is reached and must wait until all Unstoppable Buffs expire to be able to Refresh the buffs.
If an Unstoppable Buff is nullified, removed or prevented from activating from an opponents abilities, Juggernaut cannot refresh his Unstoppable Buffs and must wait until each one expires to be able to Refresh the buffs.

Stagger: 100% chance to Stagger the opponent for 15 seconds after landing a Heavy attack. The next time a Staggered opponent triggers a Buff, that Buff and all other Buffs triggered at the same time will be immediately Nullified.
When Juggernaut is at his Max Stacks for his Unstoppable buffs, Juggernaut inflicts a passive Fate Seal on the opponent instead for 3 seconds.

While Unstoppable, Juggernaut is immune to Stun, Weakness, Agility, Concussion and Fatigue effects and will inflict Stagger on the opponent if they attempt to inflict them.

Signature Ability: Cyttorak’s Avatar:
Cyttorak himself empowers The Juggernaut further, granting him an Unstoppable Buff for 4 seconds upon activating a Special Attack, allowing him to shrug off attacks with ease.
Each Unstoppable buff on The Juggernaut reduces all incoming damage by [10 to 25%*] and increases his Critical Resistance by ~500.
The Juggernaut doesn’t care for the opponents Unstoppable buffs, ignoring them if he has more Unstoppable effects than the Opponent. Additionally, The Juggernaut gains a Flat [15 to 65%] increased Potency for his personal Fury buff while Unstoppable.


Common Wheel-Chair Problems with Magneto and Magneto(HoX):
Juggernaut: Juggernaut pauses his Fury buffs for 2 seconds after connecting a Heavy Attack
Magneto: Magneto’s Unstoppable cool-down is reduced by 4 seconds if the opponent is not Magnetized.
Magneto(HoX): Magneto gains 25% Perfect Block Chance. [Magnet] Additional 25% Perfect Block Chance.

Step-Brothers with Professor X:
Juggernaut: The Juggernaut is immune to Inverted Controls and Mind Control.
Professor X: Professor X’s Falter effect lasts an additional 1 second.

Cyttorak’s Power with Unstoppable Colossus and Doctor Strange:
Juggernaut: When Juggernaut triggers an immunity, he regenerates 5% of his base Health over 15 seconds.
Unstoppable Colossus: Unstoppable Colossus gains +20% Armor, Critical Resistance, Critical Rating, Critical Damage Rating and Attack. Additionally, Heavy Attacks on stunned opponents remove the stun effect and Colossus gains a passive Fury, granting up to 200% Attack for 5 seconds based on how much Remaining Health Colossus has.
Doctor Strange: Each hit of Doctor Strange’s Special 2 places a non-stacking passive Slow on the opponent for 11 seconds, reducing Evade and Unstoppable ability accuracy by 100%.

Enemies with Colossus, Night Crawler, Wolverine, Iceman and Beast
Enemies with Thor, Doctor Strange, Hulk
Rivals with Unstoppable Colossus and Magik
Thunder Bolts with Red Hulk


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