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AQ focused Alliance LF 1 map 5/6 experienced player

I am looking for an experienced player that knows map 5 and even map 6. I recently lost a core member of my Alliance who had a prestige of 9.3k so I am looking for someone with an exact or similar prestige number. The reason for that is my Alliance has been hitting the 250k to 260k AQ milestone mark so to drop to far from that prestige would be detrimental to my Alliance. We have ranked between 1380-1550 for our weekly rank. We have been trying to get our AW back to Gold 3 or maybe even Gold 2 but AW for us is optional to join so it is not mandatory. AQ however is very much mandatory as is great communication skills.

We use Line so that is a requirement. We are mostly a US based Ally but I do have multiple members from Asia, UK and even Australia.

If interested in joining an active group with like minded goals to improve rosters and build up more experience in AQ map 5 and possibly map 6 then hit me up on the Line app at zbot34
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