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game now freezing during arena

I am now experiencing the game freezing in arena when I have completed arena, and am attempting to go to the next one when I am attempting to ask for "help" with my champions.

IOS 13 on IPAD
latest "updated" version of the game


  • Scopeotoe987Scopeotoe987 Posts: 1,305 ★★★★
    Im on IOS 13 on IPad also, and yeah, kinda expect compensation for all these issues this month with freezing, crashing and loading problems.
  • OneMast3rOneMast3r Posts: 283 ★★
    My arenas are freezing as well on android and apple. If that's your only arena complaint then your good.

    The matches are so random, 3x 6r3, then some 2 stars, a few more 6r3, 4 star lowbies, all in no order.

    Parry works once in a while. And with all the 6r3s if the input doesn't work the 5 hit combo kills you.

    Also the ai seems to intercept and use specials when you don't seem to think it'd possible.

    I was so happy to arena for the new cosmic ghost rider crystals but that has been made impossible.
  • StronstVngrStronstVngr Posts: 107
    In addition to the arena freezing, I am also experiencing entire game crashing when helping fellow alliance members with energy, as well as the game crashing entirely at random. This update is for sure one of the worst I've experienced so far..
    @Kabam Miike any help with these?
  • TrubliTrubli Posts: 137
    IOS 13.6.1, iPhone 11. I’m running version 28.2.2 of the game and this is happening like crazy. Have to shut down/force close the app after nearly every arena
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