Tri class 6* crystals?

DoubleDeltaDoubleDelta Posts: 1,956 ★★★★
Now I know dual class will likely be off the books for a while due to the limited pool size - but what do we think about a tri class crystal?

Doesn't help much with the rng, but it'd at least cut the pool in half if you've got a specific class you're short on options for.


  • Kill_GreyKill_Grey Posts: 7,045 ★★★★★
    How would that rotate tho? 🤔
  • HassamaMamaHassamaMama Posts: 108
    Kill_Grey said:

    How would that rotate tho? 🤔

    Could be a weekly rotation? Three classes one week, three the next? People still aren't forming 6*s THAT quickly lol. But I think this would be an interesting idea!
  • DoubleDeltaDoubleDelta Posts: 1,956 ★★★★
    Weekly or 3/3/1 off?

    Personally I was getting about 4 per month via AW and grinding before cavalier EQ, must be on at least 5/6 now.

    If its anything like the dual class, I wouldnt expect to see it until new year with dev time - but it'd knock out a little bit of randomness
  • GreekhitGreekhit Posts: 1,416 ★★★★
    edited October 2020
    No point for tri class. Why not 6* dual class?
    Is it so game breaking to limit the pool from 150+ to 50+ champs?
    The chances to get a champion of your choice, will still be lower than 2%.
    Also at this point of the game, 4* dual class crystals should be single class crystals, at least for uncollected and above.
    Most people open 4*s nowadays only for iso, so having the iso of the class you want, would be a small, good quality of life change.
  • DoubleDeltaDoubleDelta Posts: 1,956 ★★★★
    Baby steps - kabam have never been ones for huge leaps, so I'd rather ask for something smaller and edge them closer to where we want..
    if not, we end up with no the game isnt ready and straight rejection.. if we baby step them towards duals, it makes it seem more reasonable to them.

    Id love dual class, I really want a good cosmic 6* incase I pull another cosmic t5cc, just dont see them biting onto duals yet, tris seem a little more realistic to ask for at the moment

  • MasterpuffMasterpuff Posts: 4,383 ★★★★★
    This would be awesome, but I don’t know if the game is ready yet. Unfortunately, I think these would have to cost more 6* shards.
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