Meet the 2020 Summoner Showdown Americas Region Semi Finalists - Extended Edition!

Greetings Summoners!

After hundreds of thousands of attempts in the Qualifiers, 3 Summoners in the Americas regions came out on top! It's time to meet your Americas Region Semi-Finalists!

Husky Nash
AceFusion 96

Read all about them below in this interview with UMCOC's Dragon!
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    Ok then, censoring people who say that they don’t enjoy the thing is not a heathy way of taking criticism Kabam! My first post was deleted without me receiving a warning or anything, so I’ll say it again.

    I’ve lost interest in this due to the fact that firstly it won’t be live and so there cannot be any real interaction, and also it allowed cheaters to get on the leaderboard in the first place! I’m glad that you sorted this out but really it shouldn’t have been an issue in the first place.

    But my main complaint is that it wasn’t a level playing field as not everyone has the ☠️ masteries or the ideal champ ranked up high as a 4* champ and so the qualifiers were a shambles.

    I loved the idea but in execution it wasn’t so good at all!!!
  • Stark154667Stark154667 Posts: 639 ★★★
    Whoever disagreed please say why, is it simply because you don’t agree? Or because you couldn’t be bothered to read past the first para?
  • Barani7daBarani7da Posts: 96
    Nice speech. one day I will also come this place
  • Xmas-MonkeXmas-Monke Posts: 4,800 ★★★★★
    I wanna meet these guys in person. They seem pretty cool!
  • AkumaccbAkumaccb Posts: 501 ★★★
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    DNA3000 said:

    But my main complaint is that it wasn’t a level playing field as not everyone has the ☠️ masteries or the ideal champ ranked up high as a 4* champ and so the qualifiers were a shambles.

    You're right, it isn't a level playing field. No competition is a perfectly level playing field, because part of competition is the strength of the competitor. We don't say it is unfair for one team to have taller players than the other team in basketball, because height is a legal advantage in the game of basketball. And in MCOC, the whole point of the game is to build up and rank up a strong diverse roster in your game account and masteries are a part of that account growth. So players with stronger accounts, including roster and masteries, will have advantages over others.

    The competition chose to reduce but not eliminate the advantage of roster growth (by limiting to 4* champs) and chose to not restrict or alter mastery set ups. That's an entirely legitimate competition decision. If you're not as strong as another competitor due to a lack of champions, a lack of rank up of those champions, or a lack of mastery unlocks, then you will be at a disadvantage to them. But it is a fair disadvantage, because those are all things the game intrinsically values at its core.

    There's this bizarre fantasy that people often promote, that competition is supposed to be "about skill." No competition is about only skill. Competition is about competitors, and more specifically competitor performance. The most skilled person doesn't win in baseball, the most skilled person doesn't win in auto racing, the most skilled person doesn't even win in chess. The best competitor on the day of the competition wins, and skill is just one factor that determines which competitor performs the best on that day. If competition was supposed to be only about "pure skill" then golfers wouldn't be allowed to use their own clubs, NASCAR drivers would all get identical cars and wouldn't have their own personal pit crews, and marathon runners would all have to wear identical shoes.
    I totally agree, and this is precisely the reason why form on the day or moment itself is a determining factor on who emerges victorious. For instance, a team like Liverpool, crowned champions of England and Europe can have all the skill and ability, but if their form fails them at just the wrong moment, it can result in an upset where they get beaten by lesser teams. As the old adage goes, “ form is temporary, class is permanent”; from here we can see that top teams/players will always maintain a certain high standard, but loss of form can allow mistakes and losses to happen. And the cause for losses of form can be attributed to multiple factors out of one’s control. So yea, whether it’s a team sport, or individual competition, the random variable of what some may call luck comes into play such that skill isn’t the one and only determining factor for victory. That’s reality for you, many times it’s not the most capable that emerges the winner.

    Preparation is a totally legitimate aspect of how one prepares to compete. And that, in and of itself can be tailor made to suit one’s specific needs.
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    @SpideyFunko Great Job even @Kabam Miike wants to copy your summoner sitdowns
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