1 1/2 Year Roster Update

So I came to this game in around 2014-2015, can’t really remember. I do remember it was a little bit prior to the DD Netflix release. I left until 1 1/2 years ago, when I returned. I had a rather slow start but I have gotten through a lot more content, including things like 6.1-6.3 100% that I never imagined myself doing. In terms of who I’m still searching for, I’m still looking for Warlock, Guardian, Ægon, Nick Fury, and Hood. I just got my second most wanted champ (Quake) yesterday and instantly R4’d her but ran out of iso in the process 😅. I still need to do rank ups (as you can tell by the stealthy, Claire, etc sitting at R1). In terms of content I’m planning on doing, I want to do Abyss but w/o an Ægon I don’t feel the urge to complete it. I do have the gems to R5 him, Awaken him, and sig 120 him the moment I get him, though. Anyways, thanks for letting me share, glad to be doing as well as I am at this point in time. (Don’t mind the units, spent most of em on getting my last carb core for a certain mastery 😉)


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