App keeps crashing

In Game Name - Angie Stark
Device & Model - iPhone 7 Plus
Device Operating System - iOS 14.2
Cellular or WiFi - Both
Game version installed - 29.0.0
Game Mode - All game modes
Description of the issue -
With the last two updates of this game my game just crashes when the usage reaches more than an hour
Mostly it crashed after doing 20 streak runs in the arenas
Just a while ago it crashed while questing
I don’t know what’s the issue my phone is completely working with other apps no lags perfectly updated I’ve even reset my device before yet still mcoc crashes after an hour usage every single time
I’ve been playing this game more than two years but for last two months it’s been crashing out of nowhere
Please fix this issue it’s really mind wrecking when I’m focused in the game and the app suddenly closes in my face out of nowhere
I hope you’d respond!


  • Smokely7Smokely7 Posts: 84
    This keeps happening to many. On my iPad and android. They have said in support tickets they are working on it but continually delete these posts. My guess it's an implementation to try to stop bots but continues to kick out others. Hopefully they acknowledge this with the anniversary. Or before cyber weekend so we are more appreciative.
  • angiestarkangiestark Posts: 4
    I hope so too it’s becoming annoying now I’m an arena freak but not fixing this issue would make me quit 😑
  • Hey angiestark, to help us keep track of everyone's feedback about issues like lag, crashing and performance issues, we created dedicated threads for iOS and Android users. Please share the information you provided above in the thread below.

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