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DDHK bug

His healing can be reversed, his abilities clearly state he shouldn’t be able to but just go fight boss spider-ham in the EQ and if you have even 1 non-damaging debuff on you, your healing goes to -10% (thanks a lot for starting us off at 40% regen rate, terrible design btw)


  • Do you happen to have any footage of this or would you be able to confirm what difficulty you were playing?
  • TripleBTripleB Posts: 125
    @Kabam Zibiit How can I upload it? Both cavalier and uncollected.
  • the easiest way to share the video is to upload it to a site like youtube and then share the link here.
  • TripleBTripleB Posts: 125

    @Kabam Zibiit hey there, I didn’t want to go all the way back through the quest (if that’s needed then I will) a quick example is just to duel human torch, each incinerate lowers regen rate (shouldn’t work on daredevil). You can see I have willpower on and am healing from the initial incinerates but once they begin stacking my regen goes into the negatives. Once again this is a duel so there is no nodes enhancing him. In the monthly EQ however there was a node.
  • Thanks for the extra info, we'll pass it all along to the rest of the team.
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