Looking to fill multiple spots in North American alliance; AW Plat 4 (usually) & AQ 5x5 w/ Master

We’re looking to fill multiple spots in our alliance! LINE app required, North American time zones only at the moment. We run 5x5 in AQ using the Master tactics, looking to potentially switch to some days/groups of Map 6 but not confirmed yet. We usually place Platinum 4 for AW seasons, so typically around Tier 4-5, but this current season only we decided to take a break because of the holidays, let people focus on other content/rebuild item stashes, etc, so we'll probably only get Gold 2, maybe Gold 1. But definitely plan on pushing again during the next AW season! No minimums necessary on any other event, arena, etc, and ditto for hero rating/prestige, just need to be strong & active enough to handle the alliance requirements. If interested, please feel free to message me in game (DroidDoes) or on LINE, my ID is DroidDoes007 🙂👍
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