Summoners, due to a technical issue, this week's series of Alliance Quests will be cancelled at 4pm PT. There will not be any Rewards for this series. The next series of Alliance Quests will start on April 18 at 12pm PT. We will be assessing the impact on Alliances and compensating accordingly, as well as returning Alliance Tickets.

Odin's Gauntlet Tier 10 Access


There is currently a visual bug affecting Odin's Gauntlet Tier 10. Due to this bug, the entry limits appear to remain at 7/7. Summoners will only be able to enter the Quest 7 times. Further attempts will result in failure to enter the Quest.

Additionally, there is a 24 Hour Timer on the Quest. When this timer ends, your entries will not be refreshed.

We apologize for any confusion this issue has caused.
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