THRONEBREAKER!!!..... and a word of caution / advice

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For anyone planning to go up against the Grandmaster (GM) any time soon, learn from my mistake and heed my warning, take the Cable pathway on your first try. I know it has the diffcult Lifecycle node but believe me, it's better to struggle against enemies with 2-300,000 health than to take the other pathway like I did and struggle against a 9 million + health boss.
I chose the Dr. Strange pathway cause it was easiest for me and when I got to the GM, it felt like I was ran over by a CONVOY of 18 wheelers. Then after they ran me over, they put their trucks in reverse and ran me over again and over and over.

The problem is the GM's sp1. Unless ur fast enough and good enough with dexterity, then 1 mistake with his sp1 and ur dead. If you fail to dexterity his sp1 (unblockable), ur stunned. Then you cant react to his 3 cubes that he does afterwards. This results in u getting 3 blunders or mistakes which maxes out the GM's power bar. He then does a sp3 and ur dead. But if u take the pathway with Cable, his sp1 is block able. This allows you to continue the fight.


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    I’m to lazy to read that
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    I’m to lazy to read that

    Then dont and move on your way.

    OP, watching videos helps. And the first time is always the worst, so no worries. You improve incrementally.
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    Nah, cosmic path is still the easiest
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