**Mastery Loadouts**
Due to issues related to the release of Mastery Loadouts, the "free swap" period will be extended.
The new end date will be May 1st.

Please Bring Legion into the Contest ><

When are we getting to see Legion added to the game one of the greatest characters in the MU and one of the most powerful omega lvl mutants in history =D After the great work kabam done with professor X I cant wait to see what they could do for David Haller, I'm sure I'm not the only one who would love to see him as a playable character in game. Perhaps with some killer heavy hitting specials and those fun power control mechanics. Allot of options that could be taken to create such a cool character from the marvel universe!
Would you also like to see Legion in the game if so what sort of abilities could he have what sort of mechanics could he use? Please share your ideas under this post I would love to hear what the community thinks, Thanks summoners happy hunting!


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