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Character Wishlist Thread 3.0

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New forums, new Character Wishlist thread :) Just as a reminder, our rules:

Character requests are still a very frequent topic of conversation within our community, and with good reason - there are a ton of amazing Marvel characters in their universe.

The old Character wish list thread was ballooning a bit, and several characters requested in that thread have since been added to The Contest. We're starting up a new thread to house these discussions so that they can continue, but in a more up to date manner.

A few FAQ's:

1) Why haven't you added (X character) yet?!

A: there are so many characters we want to add, but simply haven't gotten to yet. A character's lack of presence in the Contest currently does not necessarily mean that we've overlooked them or that we don't already have them on our radar. Our teams have a finite amount of time in order to produce content, and we'd love to bang characters out quicker - but still need to maintain realistic developer cadences.

2) We need more female characters and more diversity.

A: Our own team is quite diverse itself, and we agree that representation is an important concern!

3) Why do you bother adding (X re-skinned character) when you've not even had a chance to add (x character not in The Contest)?

A: While some people are not a fan of character re-skins, MANY of our players are. The Marvel universe is one with a lengthy lore, and almost every beloved character has gone through some sort of costume change or shift at some point in their super-powered careers. These differences offer a good opportunity to re-introduce players to content they may not have managed to obtain the first time around, and allowing new players to pick up a certain champion while still keeping things a bit fresh. Our goal is to have a healthy balance between release types.

4) Can you confirm if a requested character is going to be released?

A: The short answer is no. We have specific timelines regarding when we can announce content, and that means that we can't pop in to say 'hey, that person is coming!'. For those wanting to keep on top of our latest announcements or teases, following our Twitter and Facebook accounts are your best shot. We also have an Instagram account that you should follow. Here are our social channels for easy access:

Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/marvelcontestofchampions
Twitter - https://twitter.com/MarvelChampions

Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/marvelchampions/

So go forth, and suggest! We're not going to individually reply to the comments and suggestions that we see, but we are reading everything.

This should go without saying, but please discuss the characters you'd like to see without insulting each other or trying to discredit someone's opinion. Friendly debate is welcome, but the emphasis here is 'friendly' ; )
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  • CrusherOfDreamsCrusherOfDreams Posts: 1,370 ★★★
    Lo4eath wrote: »
    Here's some more suggestions on characters and abilities:

    8) Silver Surfer
    Norrin Radd is a noble, kind, and powerful being. He has synergy with the Fantastic Four, and would definitely be a Cosmic champion.
    Unique Abilities:
    Noble Purpose:
    While facing villains, Silver Surfer increases his overall rating by 5%. On the other hand, Silver Surfer's overall rating decreases by 5% while facing heroes. While facing champions that are neither good nor bad, like Deadpool (yes, he's a mercenary, not a hero), this ability has no effect.
    Poison and Bleed Immunity
    Awakened Ability:
    Cosmic Metal:
    Silver Surfer's nearly indestructible metallic body enhances his armor, granting him Armor Up indefinitely. Silver Surfer gains another Armor Up buff each time he receives Armor Break, which also is indefinite. His Armor Up buffs are unable to be Nullified due to its otherworldly characteristics.
    Other status effects:
    50% chance for critical hits to grant Precision; 50% chance to gain Armor Up when blocking an attack; Fixed 5% chance to inflict Armor Break

    I really like your suggestions, but you keep on harping on Cruelty/Precision, and all I kept thinking was, damn, another useless champ for AW, coz of MD.... I especially like Silver Surfer, but not really your depiction of him.

    I really like Silver Surfer as well. Creating this character was hard to do as he's rather mysterious. If you have any suggestions on how to change him, I'd be happy to hear them.
  • DLegendDLegend Posts: 745 ★★★

    Signature Ability: Prince of Hell- Hellstorm regenerates X health after activating a special attack for 6 seconds. Regeneration effectiveness increases the lower his health is.

    Abilities: Power fatigue, buff manipulation, incinerate, Power gain, Heal block, stun.

    Power Fatigue (basic attacks): critical hits have a X% chance to not generate power for the opponent.

    Power Gain (below 90% health): Hellstorm gains 1 bar of power. Additional power is given if the opponent is under an incinerate debuff.

    Incinerate (basic attacks): X% chance to incinerate the opponent, dealing Y energy damage for 3 seconds.

    Buff Manipulation (Special 2): Hellstorm uses the forces of hell, bringing chaos to the opponent and converting 1 buff into a random debuff. This also incinerates the opponent dealing X damage for 10 seconds.

    Heal Block and Stun (special 3): Hellstorm brings his opponent to hell and back leaving the opponent stunned for 5 seconds. He also heal blocks the opponent.

  • Lester822Lester822 Posts: 16
    I don't know what MARVEL character this would apply to but I think that a cool ability could be that the more an enemy uses an ability the lower the chance it triggers. Or the more you use an ability the higher the chance it is to trigger.
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