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    CavalierCavalier Posts: 246
    mbeyda4 wrote: »
    Here's a crazy idea: Add STAN LEE into the game. It's a crazy idea, but think about it: Stan Lee is The creator of basically all things Marvel. The man is a legend. He's made cameos in almost every marvel movie, that he basically became his own character. Fans would go nuts over the idea of Stan Lee in the game. If That's why I believe he would be a fitting addition to the roster.
    In terms of functionality, it's a bit tough. But just remember, you guys put freakin Howard the Duck in the game. If you can do that, then you can basically make any character you want to work. !

    I could never bring myself to attack him
    Personally I like the idea that Stan the Man is a Watcher. And would love to see him as a spectator watching the contest.
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    ScottryanScottryan Posts: 475 ★★★
    2 ideas

    1: add taskmaster and instead of him having his own fighing style he uses his opponents fighting style. He could have unique specials and decrease oppoment ability triggers over time as he lears thier moves

    2: add mystique and when she uses a special have her change into a random caracter and use thier special (ex: use l1, change to cyclops and use his l1). This would be very cool as she could get all kinds of effects from this ability and her l3 could be a cool unique mix of a bunch of things
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    CavalierCavalier Posts: 246
    Scottryan wrote: »
    2 ideas

    1: add taskmaster and instead of him having his own fighing style he uses his opponents fighting style. He could have unique specials and decrease oppoment ability triggers over time as he lears thier moves

    2: add mystique and when she uses a special have her change into a random caracter and use thier special (ex: use l1, change to cyclops and use his l1). This would be very cool as she could get all kinds of effects from this ability and her l3 could be a cool unique mix of a bunch of things

    Yes to 1 no to 2
    Mystique can only shape shift to look like others, she can not copy powers. The best she could do is give herself claws and fangs, but she almost never does that in the comic.
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    Hey, contest of champions team, here are some characters I would love to see in the game.
    -Anti venom
    -spider carnage
    -scarlet spider (Ben riley)
    -Doctor Doom
    -Silver surfer
    -symbiote wolverine
    -green goblin
    -kid KAIJU
    -moon girl and devil dinosaur
    -squirrel girl
    -all original x force members(sunspot, boom boom, feral, shatter star, siren, domino)
    -tiger shark
    -scream symbiote
    -fantastic four team
    -original comic crossbones
    -toxin (Eddie Brock)
    -venom space knight
    -Kate bishop
    Please consider these. I feel that his list would be great in the game.
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    Anyone remember blackheart? Mephisto's kid. Mean mofo from daredevil spiderman and punisher. Both mephisto and blackheart would be cool.
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    Eos_Nano_XEos_Nano_X Posts: 304
    My 100. After the top 10 or so its no particluar order.

    001- Stan Lee (over-class)
    002- Korvac (cosmic)
    003- Graviton (science)
    004- Taskmaster (skill)
    005- Apocalypse (mutant)
    006- Mister Sinister (mutant)
    007- Bishop (mutant)
    008- Ghost Rider (Robbie Reyes) (mystic)
    009- Nemrod (tech
    010- Squirrel Girl (mutant)
    011- Mystique (mutant)
    012- Morph (mutant)
    013- Sabertooth (mutant)
    014- Pyro (mutant)
    015- M.O.D.O.K (tech)
    016- Whiplash (tech)
    017- Iron-Spider/Superior Spider-Man (tech)
    018- Unworthy Thor (mystic)
    019- Gladiator/World War Hulk (skill)
    020- Dr. Doom (tech)
    021- Mr. Fantastic (cosmic)
    022- Invisible Woman (cosmic)
    023- The Thing (cosmic)
    024- Human Torch (cosmic)
    025- Angel (mutant)
    026- Banshee (mutant
    027- Toxin (cosmic)
    028- Anti-Venom (cosmic)
    029- Blade (mystic)
    030- Red Skull (science)
    031- Arnim Zola (tech)
    032- Mysterio (tech)
    033- Havoc (mutant)
    034- Iron-Fist (MCU) (mystic)
    035- Iron-Man (vibraenium) (tech)
    036- Captain America 2099 (Sharon Carter) (skill)
    037- Spider-Man 2099 (skill)
    038- Winter Soldier (MCU) (skill)
    039- Bullseye (skill)
    040- Nick Fury (skill)
    041- Agent/Phil Coulson (skill)
    042- Melinda May (skill)
    043- Deathlok (tech)
    044- Human Torch (original) (cosmic)
    045- Jubilee (mutant)
    046- Sentinel (classic) (tech)
    047- Groot (classic) cosmic
    048- Deathlok (classic) (tech)
    049- Miss Universe (cosmic)
    050- Sentry (cosmic)
    051- Jessica Jones (skill)
    052- Wolverine (Mutant X) (mutant)
    053- Killgrave (mystic)
    054- Rescue (tech)
    055- Toad (mutant)
    056- Mandarin (mystic)
    057- Green Goblin (science)
    058- Sandman (science)
    059- Captain America (Bucky Barnes) (skill)
    060- Captain America (Falcon) (skill)
    061- Doctor Octopus (tech)
    062- Lizard (science)
    063- White Tiger (Skill)
    064- Silver Surfer (cosmic)
    065- Electro (Electric form) (tech)
    066- Black Cat (skill)
    067- Adam Warlock (cosmic)
    068- Hellfire (cosmic)
    069- Spider-Woman (science)
    070- Professor X (mutant)
    071- Dark Pheonix (cosmic)
    072- Kitty Pride (mutant)
    073- Emma Frost (mutant)
    074- Iron-Man MkI (tech)
    075- Lady Sif (cosmic)
    076- Valkyrie (cosmic)
    077- Nova (cosmic)
    078- Shocker (science)
    079- Blackout (science)
    080- Absorbing Man (science)
    081- Brock Rumlow (Merc) (skill)
    082- Green Goblin (Ultimate) (science)
    083- Wasp (science)
    084- Giant-Man (science)
    085- Kraven the Hunter (skill)
    086- Grant Ward (skill)
    087- Domino (mutant)
    088- Quicksilver (mutant)
    089- Polaris (mutant)
    090- Namor (mutant)
    091- Blob (mutant)
    092- Jocosta (tech)
    093- Arclight (mutant)
    094- Francis Freeman (mutant)
    095- Laura Kinney (child) (mutant)
    096- Mockinbird (skill)
    097- Lance Hunter (skill)
    098- Gladiator (cosmic)
    099- Jean Grey (mutant)
    100- Hive (cosmic)
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    Hunter2UHunter2U Posts: 13
    Heimdall - Character Design

    As Guardian of the Bridge Bifrost and the Watcher of the whole Cosmos Heimdall will make a really nice addition to the Contest.

    Class: Mystic -- (Maybe add the Rankup System of Karnak with two Mystics and one Cosmic)
    Syneriges: Friends: Thor & Angela --- Enemies: Iron Patriot --- Rivals: Loki -- Teammates: Hulk (& Beta Ray Bill)
    Passive Abilities -
    Gjallerhorn: (Maybe add this to the Synergies) When Heimdall is teamed-up with other Asgardians they all hear the sound of Heimdalls Horn that calls for the Aid of Asgard:
    --> Thor can apply an additional Armor Break Stack but it is only 50% as effective as his standard ones.
    --> Angela can duplicate her actual buff a second time but its only 50% as effective as the standard ones.
    --> Lokis Curse Ability lasts 50% longer and his Sp1 has a 100% Chance to reapply the Curse.
    --> Thor (Jane Foster) When enemies are shocked from a Special she can refresh the Shock debuff with a stun on her opponent

    Hofund: (For character design he would carry the Sword on his back) Heimdalls Sword gets used with all abilities and applies Bleed (5 S. for 100% AD) and Power Leak (5 S. draining 15% of opponents Power) with every critical hit.

    Vanir Physiology: Heimdall is a member of the old race of the Vanir. Poisons, Bleeds, Incinerates and Shocks expire 50% faster on him

    1. SP -- Heimdall uses his Sword for three fast Strikes and then kicks the opponent away with his foot. If the opponent blocks the Attack all hits deal no damage but the last kick still sends them flying.
    2. SP -- Heimdall stabs his opponent and while in contact with the enemy applies 5 consecutive hits while draining their life force through the sword. This ability heals for the damage dealt.
    3. SP -- As Watcher of the bridge Bifrost Heimdalls sees everything even the soul of his opponent, wich he tears from their bodies and stores in the Sword Hofund.
    After the special the opponent is stunned for 2.5 Seconds and suffers from reduced ability accuracy (80%) While the debuff is active on the opponent Heimdall can reapply it with further specials.

    Awakened Ability: Asgardian Prediction
    Buffs activated on the opponent grant Heimdall more Power.
    -- For Each buff the opponent activates Heimdall gains a Powergain that lasts as long as the enemy buff and charges his Power Meter by (5%) every Second.

    Hope this was a good One.
    Enjoy and contact me for suggestions
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    DiamondQDiamondQ Posts: 1
    I frequently refill,Why give *5,Not a female hero or the top4xsr2evolgqw.jpg
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    TarlungsTarlungs Posts: 113
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    Hunter2UHunter2U Posts: 13
    edited June 2017
    Robert Reynolds (The Sentry -- The Void)

    Class: -- Science

    His Schizophrenia makes Robert Reynolds very difficult to design but also very fun. He is one of the most powerful beings in the Marvel Universe Especially the Void his Dark Side. This Character is based around his two forms, wich the player can switch by keeping track of his hit count and also using the right attacks.

    Synergies: -- Enemies; Hulk and Ultron -- Rivals; Heimdall (see my previous post,) and Dr. Strange -- Friends; Thor

    Passive -- Confidence and Despair: The Sentry - The Void are combined as counterparts in the Body of Robert Reynolds. Due to his mental state when Robert looses his mind he turns into the powerful Void.
    Confidence: -- While hitting the enemy Robert Reynolds gains confidence as a Passive Effect which builds up to 10 Stacks(1 Stack for each normal hit). At 10 Stacks while firing of a heavy attack this Power is used up to switch him into the Sentry Mode.
    Despair: -- When getting hit or using specials Robert Reynolds builds up Despair as a Passive Effect up to a max. of 10 Stacks (one for every hit). At 10 Stacks when hitting a blocking target or firing of a Special this transforms him into the Void Mode.

    Sentry Mode: -- Gains 20 % Physical Resistance and Attack Bonus.
    All Attacks: -- 50 % Chance to incinerate the enemy. Dealing (X) Damage over 5 Seconds and consuming a Confidence Stack
    Heavy Attacks: -- 100 % Cance to Stun incinerated Targets
    1.SP: -- Sentry leaves the Ground by using his enemy as a springboard and then bathing them in extreme sunlight. If the Opponent has 3 Incinerate Stacks active they are converted into a Permanent One. The Sentry also gains 3 Despair Stacks of this Ability.
    2.SP: -- Sentry lets out an all blinding Light converting non permanent Incinerate Stacks on the opponent into a Blind, which reduces Ability Accuracy; Physical and Energy Resistance by 50%. This buff lasts longer for each incinerate converted. (Cannot Stack... how would you blind an opponent twice XD) Sentry also gains 2 Despair Stacks.

    Void Mode: -- Gains 20% Energy Resistance and Bonus Ability Damage
    All Abilites: Gets invisible after Activation for 6 Seconds and generates 2 Despair Stacks
    1.SP: -- The Void lashes out at his opponent stricking them with blows of pure force. 60% Chance do degenerate 60 % Stun for 2.5 Seconds
    2.SP: -- The Void turns into a Chaos Storm sending out Blasts of Darkness for a chance of 100% to stun for 4 Seconds 100% chance to degenerate the opponent for 20 Seconds.

    Both Modes: ----

    3.SP -- Sentry merges both of his Forms into one powerful being and attacks his opponent with all his power.
    All Confidence and Despair stacks are consumed during this attack and Robert Reynolds remains in the form he was before.
    For each Confidence used regenerates 5% of his total Health over 10 Seconds
    For each Despair used adds 10% bonus Damage to this Ability

    Thanks for all the Feedback on this one!
    I know its pretty complicated but in my opinion it will work out to Sentry being an above average attacker and the Void being a very good Defender.
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    Fel_95Fel_95 Posts: 347 ★★
    Sentry, Apocalypse, SilverSurfer (rights allowing), Emma, GreenGoblin
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    Hunter2UHunter2U Posts: 13
    Fel_95 wrote: »
    Sentry, Apocalypse, SilverSurfer (rights allowing), Emma, GreenGoblin

    How do you find my idea of the Sentry??
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    Yelin547Yelin547 Posts: 238
    Prof x(for fun)
    Abilities: remove buffs
    L1: causes an evade like ability where it causes missed hits that makes prof x roll away. Something maybe even like confusion where instead of hitting they push him.. be creative.
    L2 cause a defuff of degen
    L3 remove all buffs

    All attacks are on contact attacks which would. E sound with his. You can make them energy if some type but either way non contact which in turn would make him immune to things like thorns or things like that.

    Health- obviously he would be a power health character
    Attack, make it on the lower side of higher attack.

    Dupe ability: stun immune as he's all psychic based.
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    HalloHallo Posts: 4
    Add dr doom, fantastic four iron spider and wasp
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    rawhineyrawhiney Posts: 50
    I would really like for the lizard to be added to the game soon I know that vulture doc oc.and Spiderman (homecoming)are being added so I think that the lizard would fit in really good in a update to come. Here are some of his abilities and synergies. Bleed : critical hits have a % chance to inflict bleed dealing x damage over x seconds. Poison immunity: immune to all known poisons of the battlerealm.
    Increased armor : thick skin gives the lizard increased armor rating.
    Resist physical : increased physical resistance.
    Reptilian regeneration: when a damaging debuff effect is placed on the lizard he enters regeneration , regenerating x health over x seconds.
    Awakened ability: Perfect Chemistry : the lizard has a % chance to shrug off non-damaging debuff effects and replaces it with a fury or a power gain buff.
    Fury : increases attack by x.
    Power gain : causes the lizard to gain % of his power over x seconds.
    Synergies :
    Nemesis: Spiderman
    Enemies: Spiderman (miles morales), spidergwen
    Enemies with other spidermen possibly.
    That is the end of my details, it might not be perfect but that's it. I hope you consider the lizard he is a quite important character and is my favorite marvel character.
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    rawhineyrawhiney Posts: 50
    This might be crazy or even stupid but i think a new character (I don't care who) should be added to the game with a duplicate ability a lot like star lords that would seem to even the game a lot more than just having one main super power being star Lord plz consider this.
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    Red Skull,
    Thor (Recent movie version),
    U.S. Agent (alt. version of Captain America)
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    BrokeerBrokeer Posts: 1
    Blastaar and super skrull can be added as they can be given story lines in negative zone.
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    WarofGodsWarofGods Posts: 43
    Ad0ra_ wrote: »
    New forums, new Character Wishlist thread :) Just as a reminder, our rules:

    Character requests are still a very frequent topic of conversation within our community, and with good reason - there are a ton of amazing Marvel characters in their universe.

    The old Character wish list thread was ballooning a bit, and several characters requested in that thread have since been added to The Contest. We're starting up a new thread to house these discussions so that they can continue, but in a more up to date manner.

    A few FAQ's:

    1) Why haven't you added (X character) yet?!

    A: there are so many characters we want to add, but simply haven't gotten to yet. A character's lack of presence in the Contest currently does not necessarily mean that we've overlooked them or that we don't already have them on our radar. Our teams have a finite amount of time in order to produce content, and we'd love to bang characters out quicker - but still need to maintain realistic developer cadences.

    2) We need more female characters and more diversity.

    A: Our own team is quite diverse itself, and we agree that representation is an important concern!

    3) Why do you bother adding (X re-skinned character) when you've not even had a chance to add (x character not in The Contest)?

    A: While some people are not a fan of character re-skins, MANY of our players are. The Marvel universe is one with a lengthy lore, and almost every beloved character has gone through some sort of costume change or shift at some point in their super-powered careers. These differences offer a good opportunity to re-introduce players to content they may not have managed to obtain the first time around, and allowing new players to pick up a certain champion while still keeping things a bit fresh. Our goal is to have a healthy balance between release types.

    4) Can you confirm if a requested character is going to be released?

    A: The short answer is no. We have specific timelines regarding when we can announce content, and that means that we can't pop in to say 'hey, that person is coming!'. For those wanting to keep on top of our latest announcements or teases, following our Twitter and Facebook accounts are your best shot. We also have an Instagram account that you should follow. Here are our social channels for easy access:

    Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/marvelcontestofchampions
    Twitter - https://twitter.com/MarvelChampions

    Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/marvelchampions/

    So go forth, and suggest! We're not going to individually reply to the comments and suggestions that we see, but we are reading everything.

    This should go without saying, but please discuss the characters you'd like to see without insulting each other or trying to discredit someone's opinion. Friendly debate is welcome, but the emphasis here is 'friendly' ; )


    TASKMASTER (skill)
    SENTRY (cosmic)
    FANTASTIC FOUR (proooobably cosmic since they got their powers there)
    APOCALYPSE (mutant)
    TOXIN (cosmic)
    VULTURE (tech)
    CLOAK AND DAGGER (mystic)
    FIRESTAR (mystic or cosmic, i dont really know)
    DEATHLOK (tech)
    CARRION (mystic)
    SANDMAN (science)
    MORBIUS (mystic)
    GREEN GOBLIN (science)
    MYSTIQUE (mutant)
    DR. DOOM (tech i dunno)
    DR. OCTOPUS (science)
    THE LIZARD (science)
    ANTI VENOM (cosmic)
    HAVOK (mutant)
    LEGION (mutant)
    CALIBAN (mutant)


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    7abo2a7abo2a Posts: 46
    sabertooth and sentry
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    All I want is quicksilver and havok
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    Adam Warlock, Hela, Cosmic Spiderman (Mr. Universe), The Ancient One, Dark Pheonix, Quicksilver, All of the SInster Six, Valkyrie, Gladiator Hulk, World War Hulk, Saakar,
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    ImpulseImpulse Posts: 7
    Kabam if you want to release NOVA, please make sure its Sam Alexander.
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    TripleD_FenrirTripleD_Fenrir Posts: 146
    Impulse wrote: »
    Kabam if you want to release NOVA, please make sure its Sam Alexander.

    Why not be able to have Richard Rider too?
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    KnobyKnoby Posts: 61
    edited June 2017
    I like Emma Frost, Apocalypse, Pyro, Quicksilver, Vulture, Doc Ock, Angel, Green Goblin and Mystique

    Also a 2000s Cyclops skin with the short sleeves would be crazy

    Also Silver Surfer, Kingpin, Doctor Doom, The Lizard, Odin and Kraven the Hunter
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    NebulaNebula Posts: 163
    Impulse wrote: »
    Kabam if you want to release NOVA, please make sure its Sam Alexander.

    no... no kid nova.. That's another disaster waiting to happen like they did with Kamalala
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