Victory Screen

Every once in a while I have to wonder if the team making the victory animation talks to anyone else on the design team. Some of it's just silly like Nightcrawler dropping a mundane sword that buries itself in the ground or Beast pulling that book out of his jail pocket (imagine how good he'd be if he weren't toting that thing around!)

But the Overseer switches which hand his gauntlet is on! How did no one catch that?


  • SummonerNRSummonerNR Posts: 6,147 Guardian
    Etaan said:

    But the Overseer switches which hand his gauntlet is on! How did no one catch that?

    Haven’t you realized that any hero which is not symmetrical will appear to be incorrect either when using them as attacker (left side of screen) versus as defender (from right side of screen). And one's Victory Animation could be from the opposite (left-side perspective or right-side perspective) of their original design too.

    They do not do a complete 2nd design, they just mirror (flip) the hero's image when fighting as Left vs Right side.

    Take a look at Aegon (missing Arm) or Winter Soldier (artificial Arm), etc. same with which hand Overseer has his gauntlet on.
  • EtaanEtaan Posts: 3
    So the only part of the game where they mirror flip is on the victory screen? Not in the character profile. Not on the pre-fight screen. Not on the load screen during the month when the champ is introduced. This one group just decided that the winner is taking a selfie?

    I'll grant you there's an explanation for the gauntlet switching sides and rest my case that the victory screen designers are doing whatever the heck they want.
  • Raichu626Raichu626 Posts: 580 ★★★
    The gauntlet wouldn't be switching sides if you were the one to use Overseer. The defender is mirrored, so it's actually on the wrong side during the fight, not the victory animation
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