Who to awaken? Black Widow (CV) vs Guilly2099

MagrorMagror Posts: 12
Who should I awaken? Thanks for the help!

Who to awaken? Black Widow (CV) vs Guilly2099 5 votes

Black Widow (CV)
Guille 2099
Ksp_2099BerjibsMCOC_JCMAJ007Draconic_12 5 votes


  • Xguard77Xguard77 Posts: 379 ★★★
    BWCV gets a small chance of surviving a knockout.

    Guilly2099 gets a small chance of maintaining her combo after receiving a hit.

    So, as Terra said, neither needs to be awakened. If you do want to awaken one of them just go with whoever you use most / love most.
  • MagrorMagror Posts: 12
    @Terra @Xguard77 wow I hadn’t thought about that, thank you so much I’ll save my awakening stone then 😄
  • Zeroj2kZeroj2k Posts: 140
    neither need it
  • DawsManDawsMan Posts: 1,745 ★★★★
    neither. BWCV is only useful in gauntlet terrax matchup and guilly's is rng based and not great at all.
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