Introducing your first Experience with 6-Star Champions: The Boss Rush Challenge! [UPDATED Oct 17]

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The time has come! We promised that you’d get your first taste of 6-Stars in October, and now we’re are thrilled to announce when your first look at these Champions will come - and the all-new content they'll first be revealed within!

Since the announcement of 6-Stars, we've seen a lot of speculation on where they might first appear. We also know that you, our players, always want new and challenging content. We thought - why not introduce 6-Stars in an exciting new challenge?! Content that is designed to give you a glimpse at the newest additions to the Contest, and content designed to give you a challenge!

Introducing - Boss Rush!

Hitting the Contest on October 18th, Boss Rush is similar to challenges that we have hosted in the past. Summoners will see some similarities with quests such as the Web-Slinger Challenge, but Boss Rush has some major differences… It’s only 6 fights long, features only 6-Star Champions and is only available for 2 weeks! Tough, short and available for a limited time only… Boss Rush is coming to push you to your limits and test your mettle.

Since this will be the first time you’ll encounter 6-Star Champions in the wild, we thought it would be good to give you guys a little more information on what to expect!

What Champions can you Expect to Fight?

Like we said, you’ll be facing off against 6-Star Champions for the first time! But, like all of our more difficult quests, they won’t be the “vanilla” version of the Champions. They’ll feature some imaginative buffs to make them more challenging, and are all fully awakened (Signature Level 200). They will also have their Special 3 attack enabled, a 150% Attack Buff, and a 200% Health Buff.

These Champions will not have the Adrenaline mechanic enabled, although all playable 6-Star champions in the future will have this enabled. This is the mechanic that will allow 6-Star Champions to regain some of their health by attacking their opponents. We may choose to enable this in future Quests, but will not have it active on these opponents at this time.

Additionally, the Champions you encounter here may not initially be available as a 6-Star Variant until some time in the future. So this is not a sneak peak of who will be the first cohort in the 6-Star Crystal!


Rating: 18135
Buffs: Warning, 150% Attack Buff, 200% Health Buff, Critical Rate, Critical Damage,
Rank: 1
Level: 25

Rating: 20621
Buffs: Warning, 150% Attack Buff, 200% Health Buff, Bloodletting, Caltrops.
Rank: 2
Level: 10

Rating: 22584
Buffs: Warning, 150% Attack Buff, 200% Health Buff, Heavy Hitter, Enhanced Special 1, Spirit of Justice: Ghost Rider has a 100% chance to place Judgements,
Rank: 2
Level: 25

Green Goblin
Rating: 24005
Buffs: Warning, 150% Attack Buff, 200% Health Buff, Debilitate, Mirror Image, Increased Buff Duration,
Rank: 2
Level: 30

Rating: 26212
Buffs: Warning, 150% Attack Buff, 200% Health Buff, Armor, Enhanced Special 1, Master of the Sword: If Morningstar has less than 1 Captured Souls, she gains 1 Souls,
Rank: 2
Level: 33

Rating: 28029
Buffs: Warning, 150% Attack Buff, 200% Health Buff, Soul Seeker: Mephisto starts the fight with 1 extra soul, Recovery (100%)
Rank: 3
Level: 25

Remember! This won’t be a stroll along the beach, these Opponents are meant to be hard!

Challenger Rating:

Since 6-Star Champions are new to the game, this also seems like the best time to let you all know what the Challenger Rating of each Rank of a 6-Star will be:

Rank 1 - 110
Rank 2 - 120
Rank 3 - 130
Rank 4- 140
Rank 5 -150

In comparison, a Rank 5 4-Star has a Challenger Rating of 100, while a Rank 4 5-Star has a Challenger Rating of 110.

Since this is the first time you’ll all be encountering 6-Star Champions, we’re going to be keeping a very close eye on this Quest. We’ll be carefully evaluating game data, and will be gathering your feedback and thoughts on 6-Stars to help us fine tune them before they are released.

The Rewards

There is only one path, and one quest, so all of the rewards are awarded upon defeating the Final Boss!

1x 4-Star Hero Crystal
175x Units
1000x 5-Star Shards
10x 5-Star Signature Stone Crystals
10x 4-Star Signature Stone Crystals

We’ve mentioned this before but want to reiterate - this is not only your first interaction with 6-Star Champions, but your first chance to give us feedback on 6-Star Champions as well! We want to know how you found their difficulty level, your thoughts on how your specific Champions performed against Six-Stars, and any other thoughts or feedback you’d like to share with us!

Boss Rush arrives on October 18th! Prepare yourself Summoner!

UPDATE: Hey All,

We wanted to give you all a little heads up on the Boss Rush Challenge. This quest will only be visible to Players above Level 40. Unlike other quests that simply state that you must be a certain level to open it, this one will not be visible to anyone below Level 40.
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  • ThebgjThebgj Posts: 193
    Sounds fun
  • MarkxMarkx Posts: 209
    Wait how much will the energy cost per tile be?
  • Interested to know how 6* compare to 5*? I see the challenger rating for a 6* R1 is the same as 5* R4 but does that mean a 6* at R1 is equivalent to a 5* R4 just as a 5* R3 is greater than a 4* R5?
  • time attack?
  • Hatshipuh wrote: »
    So we only have 2 weeks to do it? While in this 2 weeks the game is still in such a broken state? Way to capitalize on bugs with this time limit...

    It's one long to you need?
  • Sounds good.

    Will this keep going? Every 2 weeks, different champs to keep us looking for to this? If not, please do.
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