SQ & SW and more

Sorry the Wall of Text, but I want to describe a whole new aspect of the game, so I think everything is important here especially for avoid legit doubts and unnecessary discussions.

+ The Context

Once understanding this game everyone know Alliances are the inflection point in your MCoC life, the big deal, the boost in the progression.
But it's just the beginning, because The Right alliance is the other side of the same coin. In fact, even more important than join an alliance is join a Good Alliance.
Not doing so and you'll paid a huge price in your advancement.

It's so important, that a recurrent tip for people wanting to quit the game is "quit your alliance then you'll be ready to quit the game with no regrets".
That is truth, once you quit your alliance you start losing interest in the game, you start logging in less and less, and it's worst when you notice your former mates are tiers away just some weeks later, even if you can rejoin you cannot.
But the problem is not the people quitting alliances because they want quit the game...

+ The Problem

The problem is, some players SHOULD legitimately quit alliances because they have life/jobs/colleges and their schedules have changed then they cannot longer stay in the same dance with another 29 guys. Those players still want to play, they don't want free things, but they cannot do it according the 29 person's demand.
Because some people don't want share their accounts then the right and only option is quit the alliance.

Those people eventually will be frustrated because they'll be stuck, their former mates are moving and they're in the same place, they will lost the interest and they'll quit. It's not good for Kabam (neither for others players, but many kids will not noticed it).

+ The Solution

So my solution is Solo Quest and Solo Wars. And "New Solo" Events.

SQ & SW should be very similar to the current AQ & AW.
Same rules, Same mechanics, Same items. Even Same rewards.

Of course they will be in their own Ranking because it's not fair (for nobody) mix solos vs alliances in a same Ranking.

Other point is, SQ/SW will be available only if the player is not in Alliances. Once a player join an Alliance now just could join AQ/AW, right is happening now. It should be for avoid some people could exploit a double reward system or whatever.
One obvious issue is: Solo players couldn't ask Help, Energy neither earn Loyalty helping allies. Except if someone think an idea I have nothing. I just can think an idea for the loyalty, it could be a reward for a daily task event.

But the real difference is in the Maps. It's not the same to do Maps with another 9 guys, that you and yourself. So Maps should be 1/10 smaller.
Another difference is in the paths, one player just can do one path, then maps should have one patch. Unless players could have many (two or three) attacker's teams then they could do many paths. I like many paths but the problem with many teams is because it require more champs (and more champs stuck in AQ/AW SQ/SW), but I guess maybe some people would pay this price.
Prices for SQ's maps should be reduced to 1/30 too, of course.

- Those players will be not excluded of the game.
- Those players wouldn't become frustrates then quitting the game.
- They will be spending again Alliance Potions/Revives too.
- They will be ranking up and doing anything they stopped waiting for "the day join again an alliance". They'll not stop using and buying items.
- Those players will be earning their stuff, because nobody is asking things free.

- It will be harder because in AQ/AW many people do a same path. If there are five paths every path could be taken by two or more players and they could choose their champs for it. In SQ/SW people is alone.
- It will be harder because in AQ/AW many people could do a same path. If someone is stuck another one could help; here in SQ/SW there's not option, if someone is stuck only could be helped by himself.
- It will be harder because in AQ/AW there are roles. Some people are boss killers, some people are annoynodes cleaner, some people are NW/CWBP/Magik/Spiderman/Whatever killer. But in SQ/SW people should to be everyrole.
- They will not earn Loyalty helping neither ask for Help/Energy. However it could be solved if someone have an idea.
- If it require many attacker's teams then those players will need more champs and to have those champs stuck.

Again, some people could pay this price. I'm saying the disadvantages just because some people could think Solos have everything easy.

About Alliance New Solo Events.

I think New Solo Events should be the same Alliance Events and same rewards, but of course the milestones should be reduce in 1/30.

A new daily event could be added for balance the missed loyalty and timers reduction.
For example, because the Help is Arena related, the new task could be Arena related too, like earn Loyalty per Fight/Duel/Series done.
I could suggest an Event that each Series (aka 3 fights) could give the Loyalty that give one Help (aka 1 fight). The solo is working more than the ally but no problem.

Other daily events could be added for balance the missed energy and cooldown reductions, but I don't have ideas.


  • belli300belli300 Posts: 704 ★★★
    This is an absolutely great idea!
  • RapRap Posts: 3,157 ★★★★
  • I_am_GrootI_am_Groot Posts: 646 ★★
    edited October 2017
    zero7 wrote: »
    i would like this. not sure if kabam would go for it because the alliance employs social pressure to engage frequently with the game, and to buy potions, both of which benefit kabam.
    I understand you, but I think Kabam shouldn't to have problems with it if they understand it.

    People doing no AQ/AW are not using potions anyway.
    If they are doing SQ/SW at least they could uses potions again.

    I think the social pressure is for kids and teenagers (no offense for anyone). Many people buy items just if they want and they would keep doing it in SQ/SW.

    People quitting alliances already had real life reasons over the frequency (aka plenty avaibiality) with the game. Kabam or allies cannot force it, but Kabam can to adapt to them.
  • Horror_punkHorror_punk Posts: 1,041 ★★★★
    Yes there should be solo wars and one to one quests
  • borntohulaborntohula Posts: 447 ★★★
    Great idea. It also helps players out who need to step back for a few weeks or months. They can at least keep up a little that way. And I also don't think it's bad for Kabam from a financial perspective. If it keeps players in that would otherwise have quit altogether (and it will), that's a major bonus for them. One more plus: some players like to fly solo, regardless. This opens the game up to them.
  • I_am_GrootI_am_Groot Posts: 646 ★★
    I have thought some extra things.

    1) SQ/SW could require some enginery to desing, so Kabam could take some time to do it.
    The problem is, many people with this problem maybe could not wait for so long.

    I can suggest two solutions.
    - The first one, to add first the New Solo Events, because those are the same Alliance Events but with 1/30 milestones and don't require much work. So people will have it while you take time to make the SQ/SW.
    - The second one, to add SQ/SW early, no matter how you have it. You can fix it in the road, it's not a big deal because I'm sure you (Kabam) have already fixed details and improved things for AW/AQ since they were added and nobody is dead. Here people will understand some things could be improved, and the SQ/SW itself is already an improvement to the current situation.

    2) About the many teams required. I'm thinking I was mistaking it.
    People could chose the same 3 attackers but they will not be one team, but every champ will be individual and could have his path.

    3) A new different Boss.

    I was thinking a good Boss for SQ could be Squirrel Girl. She's god tier like other Bosses, but she's a joke like.

    AFAIK she'll be in a show/movie in the next months and it would be a good place to add her without break any other serious thing.
    It's no necessary she should be a playable champ neither, she could be just boss like Thanos or Kang.
    Keep the serious Boss for AQ/AW and put the humor Boss for SQ/SW. I think it's a good detail.

    However, while her design/scheduler happen you can use another actual champs (Dorm, Kang, etc).

    If Kabam like it and have doubts, they can ask me.

    If you like it, keep the thread live, and spread it.
    And post ot in reedit, Facebook, twitt it, twitt to some Kabam developer, whatever. Believed or not, I don't have account in those sites.
  • I_am_GrootI_am_Groot Posts: 646 ★★
    Now there's a new content, Bounty Mission Tests of Valor, only for alliance members.

    Maybe solo players just should quit.
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