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Cyclops red buff idea

DiablordDiablord Posts: 504 ★★★
edited October 2021 in Suggestions and Requests
All stats based on a r5 5*.

Cylops gains 1990.8 energy resistance and is immune to his own beams.
Cyclops gains 456.2 critical rating everytime the opponent purifies a debuff, this persists throughout the quest.
If the opponent purifies a debuff cyclops's training allows him to passivly stun the opponent for 2 seconds.
Note: It means any debuff.

Optic charges ( max 40 )
Striking or being struck with a critical hit or special attack grants one optic charge ( cooldown 2.1 seconds).
Each optic charge grants 100.9 attack rating and increases incinerate potency by 10%
Developer notes: Max of almost 2700 attack and 250% incinerate potency.

Certain thresholds grant special abilities:

5 optic charges: Attacks ignore evade and auto block

10 optic charges, Special attacks grant an unblockable buff lasting 0.4 seconds, if defending this lasts for the entire special attack.

20 optic charges: All hits have a 50% chance to grant a optic charge.

30 optic charges: Each optic charge provides an additional 300 attack rating

40 optic charges: Gain a true potential buff lasting for 7.2 seconds after launching a special attack.

True potential effects:
Gain 2000.7 attack rating, opponent's purify ability accuracy reduced by 200%
Any buff/ debuff that is applied during special attacks are tripled in potency.
Special attacks are guaranteed critical and can crit through block.
All beam hits apply incinerate dealing 100.9 energy damage over 2 seconds.

Heavy attack ( last hit is now him firing a beam quickly)
The last hit places a incinerate dealing upto 3008.8 damage based on the damage of the attack.

The sp1 grants 1 indefinite prowess passive, granting + 30% special damage rating.
If above 15 optic charges, then every critical hit during sp1 grants n additional prowess.
The first hit applies an armor break reducing armor rating by 2000.7( Max 2 ) and the last hit applies 1 incinerate deling 100-.7 energy damage per optic charge.

The final 3 hits are beam attacks, they deal 934.7 energy damage for each optic charge. ( this scales with the damage by sp2, that means with the prowess and armor break, the damge can be quite high.)

The sp3 converts all optic charges into prowess passives granting 20% special damage each.
It applies an incinerate dealing 2476.7 energy damage over 8 seconds for every 10 optic charges consumed.

Awakened ablity:
Greater mastery over his abilities, grants cyclops many bonuses:
30%-80% of optic charges are converted into persistant charges after a fight ends, they are non- consumable and act as 1 optic charge for any of cyclops's abilities.]
Each optic charge grant 5% special attack damage as well.

This buff adresses most of the issues about cyclops and gives him some utility by giving him evade counter and purify counter.

If you like this buff idea, ask for me to write a buff idea for another champ.

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