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We'll fixing an issue with the Side Quests where all difficulties had the same Selector rewards.

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R3 tech choice

WeknowwhoWeknowwho Posts: 20 β˜…
edited March 2022 in Strategy and Tips
I have finally gotten a tech t5cc. I dont have ghost, guardian, warlock, nimrod or nebula as six stars so my choice for now is between Peni and Ultron.

Got and duped Peni recently. She is fun and can wreck burnable opponents, but still there are lots of fights where she doesn't get that much damage (incinerate immunes). My aly already has some r3 **** (πŸ˜‡plural of Peni?) for aw defense so probably wont use her for that much though I know she is a very good defender.

Ultron is a machine (πŸ™„) for AQ and for a lot of questing. His easy stun on sp1, pretty decent damage and regen (and when I dupe him the regen goes up more).

Which champ would be better for day to day stuff + act seven completion? In terms of synergy partners, I have a r2 unduped HB that I can bring with ultron for boosted damage. I also have a r3 Molegod that likes to ride with Peni.

Who would you rank?

R3 tech choice 29 votes

duped 6 star Peni Parker
SpeedbumpUnsilentOhDear2015Cosmosurfer2000RenaxqqAouxWouxodishika123ScrubhanYodabolt21Scarcity27LBN1MightyDheraldofgalactus07 13 votes
unduped 6 star Ultron
Malreck04MoosetiptronicJhonST33EtjamaNimorBe_SomebodyDrauglin0casual0OEMVNoobdawillrun4adonutZAHIDMALIK1588GrassKnucklesRedPantyNightNEOGNO 15 votes
wait for 6 star Warlock or Ghost
Gr8TonyStark 1 vote
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  • WeknowwhoWeknowwho Posts: 20 β˜…
    Any thoughts on why you'd lean one way or the other would be valuable. Thanks for the feedback!
  • NEOGNONEOGNO Posts: 116 β˜…
    unduped 6 star Ultron
    I already voted ultron, but do you have any other decent tech champ that could be a replacement?
  • NoobdaNoobda Posts: 787 β˜…β˜…β˜…
    unduped 6 star Ultron
    Go for Ultron.
  • WeknowwhoWeknowwho Posts: 20 β˜…
    NEOGNO said:

    I already voted ultron, but do you have any other decent tech champ that could be a replacement?

    G99, Peni, Hulkbuster and that's pretty much it for six stars. If I got Nimrod or Warlock I would give it to them immediately. I do think Ultron is pretty strong.
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