Who to rank 2 (after Storm buff)?

JragonMaster170JragonMaster170 Posts: 2,041 ★★★★★
All 6*s are unawakened, and I don’t use suicides.

Who to rank 2 (after Storm buff)? 20 votes

0casual0jbxotiic 2 votes
Clair Voyant
KennadoAanthoRockyshockyJhonST33Ayden_noah1EtjamaFelix33Ewell65SSS69RenaxqqSoyheyor123Gr8TonyStarkRiptideSirGamesBondNoobdawillrun4adonutZAHIDMALIK1588MightyDNEOGNO 18 votes


  • JragonMaster170JragonMaster170 Posts: 2,041 ★★★★★
    edited April 2022
    I can rank up Mole man as well
  • Yodabolt21Yodabolt21 Posts: 2,364 ★★★★★
    Mole Man
  • NEOGNONEOGNO Posts: 116
    Clair Voyant
    I say Claire, she is just insane. Even more so with suicides.
  • NoobdaNoobda Posts: 787 ★★★
    Clair Voyant
    Go for claire. She is decent without suicides also.
  • Gr8TonyStarkGr8TonyStark Posts: 861 ★★★
    Clair Voyant
    Moleman op. Claire op too.
    Can't go wrong with either. Select the one if u have a weak particular class otherwise both are great.
  • TerraTerra Posts: 7,397 ★★★★★
    Claire and Molegod are your best bets, can't go wrong with either
  • mortenhymortenhy Posts: 489 ★★
    I don't have experience with Claire, but I can def recommend Molegod. Takes care of evade and autoblock champs, shrugging of debuffs, shock immune, and you won't have a problem with finding an opening due to the unstoppable. If you have points in Despair, Deep Wounds or Inequity (and 3 points in Stand your ground), he will have even more value.
  • 13579rebel_13579rebel_ Posts: 1,815 ★★★★
    Mole Man
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