What do you mean by 100% resistant ?



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    By the way, I also think it is important to point out that the title of this thread contains an error. Silver Surfer says he takes -100% less damage from shock debuffs. As far as I am aware, that is *not* synonymous with 100% resistance to shock. 100% resistance to shock means you will never take damage from shock damage effects at all, ever. -100% less damage means the incoming damage from shock effects (debuffs in this specific case) are reduced by 100%.

    You might think these two things mean the same thing, and they would, if it wasn't for the fact that other damage modifying effects exist. For example, let's say that Silver Surfer was under the effect of a node that says "you take 100% more damage from shock effects." If he was 100% resistant to shock, he would still take zero damage from shock. But as he is taking -100% damage, the game would first subtract 100% from the incoming damage, then add 100% to the incoming damage, and Silver Surfer would take a net 100% of the incoming shock damage (assuming of course this is a debuff).

    Never paraphrase, even in your own head, without knowing what the effects mean. -100% damage means -100% damage. It does not mean 100% resistance to damage. This is independent of the debuff/passive distinction (although it is probably why Silver Surfer is not 100% resistant, as resistances do not normally distinguish between debuffs and passive effects).
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