Sandbagging in BGS should be okay

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I dont get why sandbagging in battlegrounds is not okay. There are not rules against it.
I am very far from the most skilled player, but I do spend many hours each day (+5) to improve my account and I spend 100s of usd on this game every month.

This is how I approach the game and make up for lack of skills. Spending money (and time) to keep up. Why is this not legit? Why should this be taken away from me? I dont get it…

BTW. I am not high in tiers despite sandbagging. Only just made it to Plat.


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    There are two different purposes to what we call “sandbagging.”

    1) helping yourself draw weaker opponents

    2) exercising control over the ban system.

    Number 1 is a Kabam problem that they could easily fix by changing the metrics behind matchmaking. I’m sympathetic to players with weaker decks…I just became paragon so I still wince at people with Herc, Doom and others I can’t get at r4.

    Number 2 is a way to filter champs you can’t counter out of the pool while concentrating your choices among champs you prefer using.

    It actually helps players with thinner rosters. They can use 6 spots in their deck on low-level champs they don't fight well, don’t have, or don’t have ranked. They can ban 3 of those champs, then their card draws will be 21 favorable champs and 3 duds (3 of their hood champs will be banned).

    I wouldn’t say a peep about Kabam fixing number 1. There are plenty of ways to do it. Number 2 is a valid strategy for a number of reasons. I played BGs for a while before I realized my bans affected me too. This takes champs that we’re unlikely to be chosen anyway (25th-30th in the deck) and just ensures that won’t happen.
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    ItsDamien said:

    So in other words you’re not skilled enough and don’t have the roster to be in Plat and sandbagged your way there.

    Well well we got 1 sec kills too on the way there... I am in bronze and got a 16 sec kill on my korg 5star sig 200 with a 5 star doom...
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    “Sandbagging is OK in the arena” has to be that dumbest argument I’ve seen people continue to use as justification as to why they should be allowed to do so in battlegrounds. They are two different things. You are not directly going up against another player in the arena. Your sandbagging has zero effect on other players playing that mode. Winning or losing fights is the only thing being judged to allow you to continue your streak. In BG you are directly facing another individual in real time. You are drafting and selecting who your opponent will fight and metrics such as time and health are being considered in your performance. Exploiting the matchmaking system to give yourself an easier fight gives you an unfair advantage and directly effects the players you go up against. It’s like letting heavyweights into a lightweight boxing division and compete against people half their size.

    Well, actually. If you do not sandbag in arena you get harder matchups. So you sandbag to get over 15 wins to reach a big number of points to get a new champion. Players that do not have the ability to sandbag because their champs are too low will get be able to get a 3x multiplier and thus never a score to get a new champ. So sandbagging in arena actually does affect the people you go up against.

    And to the boxing arguement. If the heavyweight loses all of hij leg mass he might be light enough to get into the lightweight class. His upper body will still have the strength to punch way harder than the lightweight. But if the heavyweight is unlucky and loses his balance (having to pull 2* into your 7 picks) he will surely lose.
    The actually is much more in line with the comparison you are trying to make.
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    I strongly disagree sandbagging is essentially killing every chance of fair match ups for players with less developed rosters
  • Rudolph_RaindeerRudolph_Raindeer Posts: 170 ★★
    This is me getting all the benefits from sandbagging and “cheating” everyone else.

    Ended up with four 2s champs in my fighting deck. Pretty sure my opponent was ok with me “cheating” 🤷🏻‍♂️
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    In essence, you are arguing that doping with a new drug that is not listed on the ban list, is okay if you suck at bicycling. Using a drug not explicitly listed as against the rule for an advantage, is still not something that should be supported. Why should a doper get to race in the Tour De France? A person can use steroids in on their own time, but in the competitive setting, they should be racing in the skill level they are at.

    If it is a competition and you are not skilled, you should be either (1) improving your skills through the hours you claim to put in, or (2) you don't truly deserve the higher level rewards.
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    Sandbagger alert! 😂
  • Rudolph_RaindeerRudolph_Raindeer Posts: 170 ★★
    Skill = rewards. Yes I very much agree, but also money = rewards. If all of us could do with skills alone, we would not use any money, and how long do you think kabam would keep mcoc alive 🤷🏻‍♂️
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    So my question isn’t about bg, but why do people sandbag in arena? I haven’t sandbagged in arena since I had 5 max 4 star champs. Are they not skilled enough to beat champs who have maybe 5-10k more health and maybe 700 more attack than their champs?

    This is why it confuses me on why it’s even used as an argument to sandbagging in bg. The difference here is when you sandbag you’re adding on 300% health and attack, some combo of nodes that make the fights much harder than a wack arena fight lol
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