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Is this a wrong BG placement and rewards??

I dont know everything about the BG rewards system, and I dont play very often.

Season 1 of BG, i placed Silver 2 by the end and got 10k 6* shards and 20x 6* sig stone crystals.

Season 2 of BG, I placed Gold 3 by the end, and only got 8k 6* shards and 10x 6* sig stone crystals

I could be wrong but my guess is that this is a bug. Am I wrong or is this a bug?


  • What Gold/Silver you end up at does NOT indicate how many Points you earned, and it is the Points that determine Rank.

    Also lot more players doing this latest season, and could earn a lot more points because of changes to Cost (ie, using Energy this time). As well as those that did use Elders Marks get 6x the amount of points (even though Energy is “basically” unlimited thru the month).
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