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Thoughts on BG season 9?

Josh2507Josh2507 Posts: 251 ★★★
When we first got news of season 9 & the upcoming changes, I was looking forward to it. But now i'm not so sure.

First of all there are the timer changes which take focus away from finishing the match quickly (or at least award less points for it). This sounded like a good idea initially, and the way I saw it "slower" champions would become a little more viable. But now that i've gone through a decent amount of matches and tested it, i'm not so sure. I have experienced many matches where my opponent finishes significantly slower than me, and yet still wins the round. Yes I have less health in these situations, but most of the time it's still around 70%. With the old scoring system it would have been a win.

Then there's the nodes. Having the defender go unstoppable for ~30% of the match seriously slows things down and drags out the fight. Yes I know, bring an unstoppable counter or a slow champ. But how many good, and more importantly fast options are there? Valkyrie is cool. Stealth spidey is someone I thought would be good, but he's too slow with that web foam prefight. I don't think there are that many "battlegrounds friendly" champs that counter this meta effectivley. And tnats a big problem.

Adding on to the above, there's the wonderful passive AI we have all come to know and love. Defenders not throwing specials, combined with not being able to hit them for ~30% of the match is not fun.
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