Expert proving grounds get insanely harder today?

Is it just me or did the expert proving grounds become insanely hard with ultra aggressive champs today? Recommended rating is 11250 and I got 14500 and I can only manage to beat the easiest leg; whereas before I was able to complete all 3 legs before! Yet there was no increase in rewarded shards. Where the hell am I suppose to get lvl 4 basic catalyst now? Between this and frequent crashes since server crashes on Monday game is becoming less enjoyable


  • The_OneThe_One Posts: 1,820
    It's the same as it was before they moved it into the daily quests.
    When they moved it the AI became dumb, Miike said it wasn't intended.
    All they did was put it back to how it should be
  • Hardly ever run it but did notice that the ai was all-or-nothing the other day. Maybe it's fixed now?
  • @Autoja shouldn't be bad if you can bait and evade specials.
  • NoOnexRONoOnexRO Posts: 183
    :smile: Yes, the AI there has increased in aggressivity (returned to normal as The_One mentioned above). And so ends my way if getting a few T4 Basic Catalyst fragments. I kinda liked it "broken".
  • only difference is the opponent uses their S3 now, before they hardly ever did. Still autofight 95% of it easy
  • That's not the only difference. The AI was dumber in a lot of ways.

    Seatin even did a video where he took his new Immortal Iron Fist into the expert proving grounds. The first thing that happened was that the opponent held his block for an insanely long time. That was normal for the broken version.
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