question about the player pool and hero crystal pull

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dear kabam
My question is when a player pull a champ from any hero crystal, what determines what class of champion that has a higher percentage they will get?, "example player A opens a 4star crystal and has 60% chance to get tech and 10% chance to get skill, and player B has 60% chance to get skill and 10% chance to get tech" I know that the player pool is broken up into tier "low, middle, and high" is each tier has a set percentage of what class of champion that a player will get more of?
The reason why that I want to know is that out of my 50 4star champ that I got I pulled only 4 mutant so be for I open another 4star crystal PLZ tell me why.


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    For anyone who has trouble understanding:
    OP is basically asking the chances or odds of pulling a Tech, Cosmic, Mystic, Science, Skill or Mutant class champion from a crystal. The 'low, middle and high' tiers OP refers to are the Beginner, Intermediate and Veteran brackets respectively though this has no relevance with the question.

    Conspiracies aside, Kabam has openly stated that the odds of pulling every champion is the same. Based on this important information, we can work out the odds of pulling a champion based on class pretty easily. As the distribution of champions for each class isn't even (eg. There is A number of skill, B number of mutant, C number of science etc), we just need to take the total number of commonly obtainable champions in the game (so no Thanos or Kang, Redpool etc) and the number of champions by class.

    eg) if there are 100 champions in total and 50 are science: 50/100 x 100% = 50% to get a Science champion.

    Hope this helps.
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