Need advice on what 5* to upgrade to r4

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Hi all,

I have 9 t2a, and I am not sure when more will be coming. So far I have the following 5 stars that are of any importance:

- 5* AA unduped
- 5* GP unduped
- 5* iceman unduped
- 5* magik unduped
- 5* BP duped r3

I would like to get your advice about who to upgrade that will help most with end-game content like LOL and 5.4. My favorite, most useful, 4* are duped AA and GP, who are both r5, and I would r4 AA if he was duped hands-down. Otherwise, I am afraid to r4 two of these champs due to the fact taht I might get an even better pull and not be able to upgrade them.

I would love to hear your thoughts!



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    GP will be your best LOL option. Bleed immunes will suck, others will melt. Other than that I’d sit on them until a duped AA, or Magik comes your way. Iceman isn’t too shabby either, but IMO defensive champs need less ranking early for end game.
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    Yea, I think iceman has been nerfed a little bit over the last few patches to be a decent attack champ. He's only good for immunity, and even then, I'd rather just use vision. My 4* is taking sooo much damage via blocking, and it doesn't make sense that taking >5% from blocking doesn't shatter ice ice armor only helps for the first hit in multi-hit specials now. This is definitely different than the way he was before.

    GP is great unduped...her damage will be insane still. Hopefully, I get a mutant awakening gem because then it's no question who to r4 (AA). Too bad I only have a cosmic 5* awakening gem (sigh)

    Thanks for the advice...anyone else have any?
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    Your best bet unduped is either Ice or GP. Both are effective unduped and will help.

    I would properly side with ice, his triple immunity will help with 5.4. Would finish hat before lol
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    Go for Gwenpool first
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