Inequity bug fix (not?) - please clarify!

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Read this bug fix was about to go live 'within hours'. Woke up this morning to find that due to an unspecified 'underlying issue' it has been postponed to some unspecified time 'in the future'. Which could mean later today. Or the year 2121. I am not happy about that. At all.

As is, this (expensive) mastery is not working as advertised. Because it doesn't scale with increased attack, it is borderline useless in all harder content, including Act 5, AW, AQ and monthly quests. Eg, any content where it might actually be useful.

@Kabam Miike could you please elaborate on (1) what the 'underlying issue' is? The way I see it, this mastery simply reduces attack (a fixed number, even if attack is boosted by a node) by x% if triggered. And more importantly, (2) narrow down the time-frame that it will be fixed. Are you actively looking into this or is it being back-logged? In other words; does 'future' mean today, this week or potentially months from now?

This is one of the few masteries that could negate some of the insane block damage in harder content, and I paid to unlock and rank it up. To read you have a fix ready, only to retract it, is not good enough.

Please clarify asap. Thanks.



  • @Kabam Miike could we please have an update on when the inequity mastery is going to be fixed?
  • I’m also curious. It’s acknowledged. A fix was announced. It’s an expensive mastery. Let’s fix it.
  • Don't want to create a new post, so I'll reinvigorate this one. It's been a little over a month. That seems quite a lot of time to finalize a bug-fix that was on the verge of being released. It's one of the most expense masteries, and even though it may not be the most popular one, I would like to have it fixed.

    @Kabam Miike can you update me (and others) on this? What happened to the original plan to release the fix?

    Thanks in advance!
  • Yes, keen to hear about this. I want to try it out in AW.
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    @Kabam Miike

    Any update on this? This was about to roll out on January 17th but got held back at the last minute. Has any progress been made in the last 43 days?
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    Still no news? Will this be included in the next update? Or rolled out independently? @Kabam Miike
  • borntohulaborntohula Posts: 337
    It’s almost spring. Anybody been able to finalize this fix that was hours from being released back when I was snowed in? Or are the bug fixers still in a state of mandatory hibernation? Kinda curious here. Make my day for a change. Thanks!
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    Heya mods,

    Given how strongly I agree with you - the warning I got for being entirely out of line, when I suggested there just might be some issues in the game, is utterly deserved, and I’m chastising myself like it has no tomorrow - and how sorry I am for speaking up on behalf of paying customers (mea maxima culpa), I wonder if this question could conceivably be graced with an answer.

    If not, I obviously understand. Completely. It’s not like I bought a product that isn’t functioning as advertised. I fully understand that a description is simply icing on the cake, and customers should not pay attention to those. In fact, I subscribe to this idea wholeheartedly. It’s akin to buying a bread. And ending up with a pair of socks, right?

    That’s all fine. Silly us. In fact, it’s pretty childish to think that what you buy is what you actually get. Omg! Toddlers know that! However, if you could just confirm that this is indeed what’s going on with this particular mastery here, that’d be swell. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.
  • borntohulaborntohula Posts: 337
    Now that I’m back on the forum thanks to the Kabam statement which implies paying customers (among others) that farm are exploiters, let’s revive this post. I’m not implying this mastery is broken, I’m stating it explicitly. And it was acknowledged by Kabam too, so there is nothing arbitrary about it. Since I paid real money to get it, I want it fixed. ASAP. And lacking a fix, I want to be informed about the timeline such a fix is expected. Barring that, I want to know why no such timeline is provided. And if even that is impossible, I want my money back. Thanks in advance.
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    It's only been 5 months
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    Yeah, but I heard they fix things faster these days, e.g. ‘exploits’. So thought maybe this one would be next in line.
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    borntohula wrote: »
    Yeah, but I heard they fix things faster these days, e.g. ‘exploits’. So thought maybe this one would be next in line.

    Agreed, they "fix" things fast nowadays.

    Rank rewards
  • borntohulaborntohula Posts: 337
    Besides, I really want this to be fixed. It should be the most simple fix in history.
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    Hope they do, considering going that route with my masteries
  • Be real nice to get an answer for this one of these days. @Kabam Miike @Kabam Vydious
  • @borntohula I admire your dedication
  • We are coming up on 11 months since a bug fix was about to go into effect before getting pulled back at the last minute. Can a mod please give us an update on this issue. I'd say we've been very patient.
  • I got my post removed from the Night Thrasher thread for being "off-topic" so I'll re-post here in the hopes of getting an answer.

    Inequity is listed as a recommended mastery for Night Thrasher. The mastery is currently bugged (the damage reduction is only applied to base damage, not scaled damage like in AQ and AW).

    Is there a fix coming?
  • Night Thrasher, Masacre, and Void all have Inequity listed as a recommended mastery. All 3 of these champs had Champion Spotlights that were published after the mastery was acknowledged to be bugged.
  • Do we have any update on the status of inequity? Are there any plans to fix it?
  • Can we please get some info on this? It’s been way too long to get a fix on this. If it can’t be fixed give us the refund.
  • maybe there will be another rewrite, like the one we're going to get on courage and assassination mastery. :/
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    Was supposed to be fixed months ago and then we haven't heard anything? Whats the status?
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    Still no updates? This has been identified as an error by Kabam in April....11 months ago???
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    We have discovered some underlying issues that are preventing us from getting this out right now.

    Discovered it was working as intended :smile:
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    Wow. Crazy that this has had no update from a Mod.
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    I guess we’ll see another case of history being rewritten soon. Instead of updating things that aren’t functioning as advertised (and sold), due to the meta changing (a process that happens to be orchestrated by the same advertiser/seller), they ignore the issue. Once that is no longer possible, they change the way they advertise it. Leaving those who bought into the original advertisement firmly in the cold. It reminds me of a lot of things I really don’t want to mention. Best practices isn’t one of those things.
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    I'm still waiting for my pure skill fix after have it maxed out since the beginning of masteries.

    Now i have 2 expensive masteries I've had to drop after investing a lot of units in to max out both, only for them to be broken and not working as intended

    Yay for me :s
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