Kang team ultron evade.

I just fought an ultron in arena during a Kang team match up.

Ultron evaded mordos sp1 without the green evade popping up to indicate it was from ultron. Kang teams do not have masteries so no dexterity.

How did this happen?


  • Speeds80Speeds80 Posts: 1,738 ★★★★
    Your point is correct that the green evade should have popped up. I often find the buffs don’t display, very common in the game, just fighting hela in 5.4.3 and her unstoppable buff doesn’t always display, way to get me wrecked, often my opponents will get stunned but not display the stun words or time. **** again
  • I figured it was a bug with it not being displayed. And Dropfaith, this is known.
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