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Passive: Recovers 65% of the damage done by Damage over Time effects.

Activates when you sucessfully avoid (block or evade) a bleeding opponent's Special Attack
Lasts 8 seconds.
Grants a fury increasing attack by 60%
Regenerate 1.5% health per second while FERAL.
FERAL RAGE can stack.

All attacks: 8% to inflict a Bleed dealing 50% of your attack over 5 seconds.

Everytime Sabertooth loses 20% of his max health he actiavtes FERAL RAGE.

Enhanced senses give a +70% auto block chance against bleeding opponent's Special Attacks.

SP1: 4 hit: flat+10% to bleed per hit.

SP2: Activates a 10 second cruelty increasing critical damage by 50%. This is affected by class relationships.

SP3: Instantly activates FERAL RAGE.
If you are in a state of FERAL RAGE while activating this attack, you gain the SP2 cruelty, and activate an additional stack of FERAL RAGE.

Signature Ability

Bleed chance is increased by (not flat) 100% against bleeding opponents.
Against bleed immune champs, FERAL RAGE has a 20% to activate on all critical hits received or landed.

Upto +3 second FERAL RAGE duration based on lost health.
+40% critical damage against bleed immune champs.

You decide the rest.

Low base attack
Medium critical rating
Low critical damage
Medium block proficiency.
Medium base health.

Regenerates against DOT.
FERAL RAGE allows for decent damage output.
Good survivability via FERAL regen
Good against bleed immune champs when awakened.

Heal block reduces survivability.
Nullify champs can remove FERAL RAGE effects.

Sabretooth encourages BAITING like Sparky encourages Dexterity and blade,thor,NetflixDD encourage parry.

Thoughts ?
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