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Ok I read the post about banning players. What about AW pilots?

I read Adora post about banning players and different severity levels of ban for different violations. I get that.

You said you take rule violations seriously. What about AW pilots? I haven’t seen any statement on that. Everyone is cheating on top and I’d say 75% are piloted.


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    I'm a little more cut-and-dry. If there is a rule, it needs to be consistent. Actions concerning the circumstances may have a bit of leeway, in terms of what the situation was. Fact is, moving people in AQ and Piloting are both the same thing, and it's no great secret that both are against the rules. Beyond knowing, it's become a brazen subject where people do it expecting nothing to be done. I could care less how many people receive action or where they are on the Totem Pole. Breaking the rules is breaking the rules. There's a misconception that they won't take action for Account Sharing alone, and that it's acceptable as long as you don't use a Mod or do End-Game Content or other varying degrees of activity. This needs to be squashed. It's cheating. Multiple people should not be doing the work of one Account, and many of us have gone our entire career without sharing. If winning becomes so important that breaking the rules is a justifiable and rationalized practice, that's a problem.

    So u follow every rule or law in life? U don’t speed correct? Every time u change a lane u use a signal? Next time u find yourself speeding call the police and tell them u want a ticket cuz u broke a law. This guy whose name rhymes with Beatin didn’t get busted. He told them what he did. I know the police wouldn’t write u a ticket. They would laugh at u. U all want a player banned for being honest. Everyone of u are guilty of one thing or another in life and have gotten away with it. Stop casting stones when u live in a glass house

    Yes, I generally follow the rules because I'm a responsible adult. When I don't, I take responsibility for my own decisions knowing full well that I'm aware of the consequences. I'm not in a Glass House. I don't share my Account. The justifications are half the reason we're still here having the same debate. It's the rule.
    As for whatever actions may or may not have been taken, we don't know because discussing it is not allowed. Clearly he didn't get away with it, or we wouldn't be having this discussion. Bottom line is, it's the rule, and if people choose to break that rule, they're responsible for the result of being caught.

    Right. Do you speed? Maybe. But if you got a ticket. You wouldn’t try fighting it saying, we’ll I was just tryin to hang out with my new gal on Valentine’s Day cuz i just got dumped for playing a mobile video game. You would pay it, because like you said. You’re a responsible adult. (My example is purely hypothetical)

    "I was only speeding to get home. If someone was speeding to get to a movie that would be worse. It's not a rule anyways because HE was speeding and you never pulled him over."

    Well if the Kabam police saw 2 speeders, one driving 68 in a 65mph highway or someone driving 55 in a 30mph school zone, which do you think they would rather pull over? Both are technically breaking the law, but the severity of the crime comes into play. If both are given the same punishment of a speeding ticket many would say that’s not fair, the school zone speeder should deserve harsher punishment.

    It is very clear what is right/wrong according to the TOS. It could be enforced exactly like that, where wrong is wrong no matter what. But I think we can do better than that and make judgement calls when needed. The school zone speeder deserves more punishment than the 68 in 65 speeder. Just as full AW pilot should get more punishment than the occasional AQ lane mover.
  • This whole thing reminds me of a book I read: 'Harry Potter & the Curious Case of the Disappearing Player Posts'!
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    Bump. This game isn’t fun with all top allies piloting
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