Marvel Contest Of Champions shutting itself most of the times

Il_JooOIl_JooO Posts: 458 ★★
I'm experiencing the shut down of the application by itself very often;
it usually happens when I keep the app in the background, then get it in front of other apps, win / loose a match and after that the app closes itself immediately.

It doesn't matter if it was an event quest or an arena or an aq/aw battle, after the match, the app will close on its own.

No app specific error such as "the app closed unexpectedly" or whatever, just the app closed and the home screen appears.

I'm on ANDROID Nougat version (7.0), playing it with a Samsung Galaxy S7, G930F and running latest Marvel Contest of Champions app.

Hope you guys will take a look at it.
I can help as a tester too if needed.


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