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costumes or effects for characters.

hey there.
I have a simple idea that would be super cool if added to the game.
make new costumes for the good characters or all of them and then be like " win X fights with this character to unlock this skin" and you can be like only war fights or aq or questing or arena or all of them but arena would be so easy for those who grind a lot to get all the new costumes for all the characters at the same time. but in aw or aq you only use 3 champs and the most number of fights you can do is 7-8 I guess so be like win 8000 fights in aw with this character to unlock a new skin.

this idea came to me since I saw the awesome evil king groot in the infinity quest and the amazing Hyperion !

and if you wanna make money out of it you can make special costumes that can only be purchased

effects can be like glowing aura or something

thanks for your time :D


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    DangerNoodleDangerNoodle Posts: 235
    That would actually be pretty cool. For instance Iron man can have different suits for his different costumes. And Kabam can always come up with a new joke skin for Deadpool 😂
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    doctordoomdoctordoom Posts: 261
    They could just make them for X amount of units
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    AbriceAbrice Posts: 11
    Unlocking content for your favorite heroes by using them over and over again! that would show your dedication to a character giving something in return. And give us some side questing to do! I wonder why are they not working on this already...
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    GSTAR21GSTAR21 Posts: 168
    I like the idea, would add a fun new element into the game. You could get a crystal that has common, medium and rare skins for certain characters as well as earning skins through challenges
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    ShaGaGyShaGaGy Posts: 73
    @doctordoom if it was units everyone will get them eventually I want it to be something special for active people but they can also make a version that can be purchased using units. they can play around it a lot.

    @addisonbassist you are right but personally I use Cap wwii more .. way more actually, I never use the OG cap ... so if there was a way to show how much I like that character it would be nice .. and this won't affect the new characters with different abilities it will only show which one you use the most !
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    AxeCopFireAxeCopFire Posts: 1,115 ★★★
    I would buy them for Units or win fights for them... anything to change up the characters that I've already seen in thousands of fights
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