Summoners, we are aware of an issue where the Summoner Sigil's Golden Circle Quest is not available to all players. We are continuing to investigate this. We will be sure to compensate for any missed Gold once we have fixed the issue.

Mercury Inc need you (~Level 40, 100,000-150,00 Summoner interested in Silver 1 rewards or better)

We're a solid Silver 1 AW alliance (current AW rating 959, Tier 13), and we're a bit top-heavy so some good recruits will have a major impact. We mostly run Map 2 AQ to keep it simple, but we're going to incorporate more Map 3 in the near future.

Check us out (alliance tag HgInc) and get in touch in-game (Bluedragongirl) or on LINE (mercuryboss) if interested!
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