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New 19.0 update phone problems [Merged Threads]



  • Tantan5Tantan5 Posts: 16
    Okay so seeing how my last post was removed in 3 mins of being posted ....I would like to know if y’all are working on a patch or fix for iPhones over heating.... I have a lot of time and money invested in this game and enjoy playing but I can nearly run AQ and AW without it getting hot and god forbid I try event quest with out a cool down period.... so any insight would be helpful ty
  • KyrazmomKyrazmom Posts: 159
    Left a 1 star review in App Store.
  • NabiletyNabilety Posts: 54
    Kabam Lyra wrote: »
    Hi all!

    We've posted an update on the status of our investigation into this issue and will continue to provide updates in that announcement thread.

    Hi, your profile picture is Hela hot!

    I hope we will be updated more frequently. Thanks in advance.
  • EllJClarkEllJClark Posts: 16

    Kabam Lyra wrote: »
    Hi all!

    We've posted an update on the status of our investigation into this issue and will continue to provide updates in that announcement thread.

    A phone conversation with Apple earlier advised me not to play the game until the issue is resolved, as my phone won’t be covered by the warranty if the battery bulges because it’s a known issue. So just for clarity, there’s no fix and I can’t play the game? No arena grinding, no Aw, no Aq, no event milestones?
  • tonyj007tonyj007 Posts: 276
    StrayPool wrote: »
    Well, we might be looking at the end of the game this time. As of about 10 minutes ago, I got word from some Alliance mates via Facebook; our leader's iPhone 7 blew up in her hands. She's heading to the Accident and Emergency: if it turns out the overheating caused this, there might be blood on this app's hands. Of all the things to put you in a hospital.

    This is so terrible that this has happened (outrageous) , A lot of members were in arena this weekend , With new champions added to game ad New T4 basic

    I skipped arena this weekend because devices was overheating and OS shutting down. Being a leader of Alliance, pushed devices to breaking point . Also it appears that kabam carried out investigation, But the only action we have seen is OS update.

    I got to say any members that use their devices this weekend in arena, might have permanent damage to devices or lost at least Battery performance

    I do hope that there is some kind of statement from kabam

    Its sad time in the game right now.( trying to sound positive) . I have been saying that for past 2 months

    Don't forget there will be another update for this game next month. Do you think it will be bug free.

    Comments please

  • ChenChen Posts: 115
    Kabam isn't taken the issue that seriously. If it was that serious they should be shutting the game down for emergency maintenance. Sounds like they are having internal issues as well but someone higher up needs to tell them to shut it down. Apple needs to tell them to shut it down.
  • VTA92VTA92 Posts: 374 ★★★
    Kabam Lyra wrote: »
    Hi all!

    We've posted an update on the status of our investigation into this issue and will continue to provide updates in that announcement thread.

    Considering you are still searching for a solution why not put all alliance based events on pause until this is resolved? This is a serious issue that not only impacts AW/AQ performance but the devices we utilize for future play as well.

    This may have been mentioned before but I’m not scrolled 50+ pages of comments to find out.
  • JadedJaded Posts: 5,476 ★★★★★
    I’m on iPhone 7+ and was running 11.4 OS. Just updated to the public beta 12.0 after hearing comments from @Kabam Miike and many fellow players suggesting it was working better.

    20 mins after the update and into arenas I lost 60% of my battery and phone restarted.
  • ChickenChicken Posts: 160
    Guys just stop playing. It’s not worth ruining your phone. Yea your going to miss out on rewards and lose out on energy but it’s virtual stuff. Phones aren’t cheep and this game isn’t worth breaking it.
  • ChickenChicken Posts: 160
    Charlesatp wrote: »
    Yeah its been almost a week now and still no response from kabam. Its really unfair. Remember when they found out about a bug on revives being farmed on some story quest? They managed to rectify it in less than 24 hrs! But this one? Whats taking you guys so long kabam? With all due respect, this one should be on top of your priority list guys and shouldn’t let this past more than 2 days! They should have a technical team dedicated in solving this issue! They are making big money onthis game! And if they have, What are the supervisors doing? I mean if their technical team cant do anything within 24-48hrs wouldnt be this consider a major major issue? Look at the comments, if you really care about ur customers, you gotta give an update here..
    They have replied multiple times. Though the last update was about 24 hours ago.

  • ChickenChicken Posts: 160
    The fact that people are still playing knowing it could damage their phone is just dumb but the fact that Kabam has not directly stated that this could cause damage is just ridiculous. And the argument that they people played knowing that it could cause damage will not be a good defense on Kabams part because the company itself never warned that it could cause damage.
  • D_Ace_71D_Ace_71 Posts: 148
    @kabam lyra - From your announcement, does this:
    “We are currently focusing our efforts on reviewing additional solutions that may reduce instances of the crash.The issue appears to be compounded by the fact that what many players see as one problem, is two individual bugs: a crash and an overheating issue.”

    Mean you are hoping to fix the crash, but have no progress on the overheating? This post mentions both, but you state they are separate and are working to fix the crashing.

    I don’t really understand how our not knowing if bugs are related compounds the issue. If you mean the job is tougher because there are two bugs...that I understand.

    Regardless, the overheating is more important than the crashing....
  • HongKongPh00eyHongKongPh00ey Posts: 35
    I wonder if the developers have considered maybe they're making the game too complicated? The list of powers, abilities, and synergies for every newly released champ just gets longer and longer, not to mention all the new effects of Nodes, which means more and more computations that need to be made in the blink of an eye, forcing our phone processors to work harder. Also, there are way more Events and Quests with info constantly updating in the background. Is the game becoming too complex for our phones to keep up?
  • PsilencePsilence Posts: 29
    edited July 2018
    iPhone 7
    iOS 11.3
    Sprint 4G/LTE

    i’m having overheating (which causes my phone to repeatedly reboot or lock up) and in game lag issues. these issues have caused me to lose fights in game and now i can’t grind the arena to dupe my 4* Sentry (or participate in alliance activities) b/c i don’t want to risk permanently damaging my phone.
  • FrunzaiuteFrunzaiute Posts: 7
    I wonder how they will fix the game now that update 19.0 damaged our devices ???
  • Mr_PlatypusMr_Platypus Posts: 2,779 ★★★★★
    That’s it? That’s what we waited all weekend for.
    For you to say the 2 issues aren’t related (even though it appears as though they clearly are: play game >phone overheats >crashes game and phone).
    -No mention of AW season starting Wednesday (please delay).
    -no warning to players to close the game down immediately should their device begin to overheat (especially with stories now circulating of phones exploding sending players to A&E)

    Probably a few more things I’m missing but honestly just poor from the lot of you I’m afraid.
  • ChickenChicken Posts: 160
    It’s absolutely despicable that they have not issued an in game warning.
  • FlazTheDestroyerFlazTheDestroyer Posts: 25
    cant play for no more then 5 minutes without the phone getting super hot. Gonna miss more arenas because of this issue and Kabam didn’t even meantion any compensation cause of this. Very disappointing.
  • NikitaCapek1NikitaCapek1 Posts: 7
    iPad - gradual overheating and some decrease in battery life
    OS: 11.4
    Device Model: MQDT2LL/A
    Carrier: N/A
    WiFi only

    OS: 11.4.1
    Device Model: FKU62LL/A
    Carrier: AT&T
    WiFi and Cellular depending on location

    Affected summeoners should get some kind of compensation for yet MORE problems. I would be duping Sentry if I didn’t have to stop playing after only a 30 minute stretch and significantly less than that if during the workweek. I’d also be meeting at least minimum rank rewards for 4* and 5* featured arenas (as could easily be seen based on ongoing arena rankings). Not to mention stopping progress on the event quest.
  • DaMunkDaMunk Posts: 1,883 ★★★★
    Nabilety wrote: »
    I find it ironic that profanity isn't allowed on the forum, and they will immediately warn you that members can be as young as 13 - yet they don't bother to warn the same kids that their phone might explode, caused by overheating, when playing their game.
    That is very hypocritical, Kabam.

    One is just common courtesy and the other involves lawyers... simple enough. If they warn people they are admitting they might contribute to damage. Right and wrong don't have much to do with liability. That said they should be warning people. I barely play on my Android phone and it's a new Google pixel 2 XL. It's very powerful but the game causes it problems. I won't play on iOS because it will damage it.
  • Qu1ckshoT32_GamingQu1ckshoT32_Gaming Posts: 153 ★★
    Alright Summoners!

    We're in need of your help! We're looking for a fairly Tech Savvy player that is seeing this occur often/can reproduce this easily, that planned on updating to the iOS 12 Beta, or is willing to update to the Beta to help us test some things out. We'll need to make sure that you are able to back up your device as is, and are able to revert if the Beta causes unintended interactions with the game or other parts of your phone.

    If you're interested and willing to help, please let me know what Device you are currently using. I'll be corresponding with the team to help you through the process.

    Just to help make sure that we're choosing the correct Summoner, you'll first need to know how to join the Beta program, and update to it.

    Miike feel free to reach out, I'm willing to help you test things.

    You want a nerd? I undervolted my cpu this morning and fixed the power limit throttling I was having while simultaneously increasing the all core turbo by doing so. Updated to iOS 12 public beta after hearing it can help the heat problems, I also disabled game center. I've had one crash after about an hour of arena, aside from that no phone meltdowns. Phone still gets warm but not more than it did in the past. iPhone 8 btw.
  • Ktmac06Ktmac06 Posts: 2
    When are you going to fix this I can’t even play the game.
  • Drummer829Drummer829 Posts: 105
    iPhone 7+ on IOS 11.4. Phone gets really hot after playing for about 10 minutes and gameplay becomes extremely glitchy. I close the game and all apps become unresponsive. Only way to fix is to turn off my phone and turn it back on. Only started happening after the new Mcoc update and Mcoc is the only app that causes my phone to overheat like this
  • mmontisanommontisano Posts: 13
    i find it amazing that my phone is more resilient fighting against water after a push into a pool, than it is against a game app.

    is there any sort of ETA about when a fix is coming? can you explain the 2 bugs more? because maybe someone here can help?

    this is beyond ridiculous and callous on your part for not doing any sort of rollback to help protect peoples’ phones.

    finally, after 3.5 years of playing this game, i think i’m done.
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