Why aren't youtubers banned for breaking tos?

Why exactly are the youtubers who break the tos just not booted out of the game? Is it because they have thousands of subs that bring traffic to the game? I personally think any sort of cheating should be grounds of immediate termination of accounts. You being the owner of said game and I've seen 2 within the last week banned for buying bootleg units but their accounts were banned for what 105 hours? Buying bootleg units loses you money they still get to progress and what's the consequences a time out really? Are there different rules for different players? There was another popular youtubers a couple months ago who let someone use their account and they were banned from the content creators club once again a slap on the wrist ,I personally like this game but cheating is cheating and there should be a no tolerance policy in place for people who cheat no matter what their name is or how many subs they have.


  • Hi Mastiffman,

    Thank you for sharing your concerns with us. Due to our privacy policy we do not discuss what actions have been taken on players or Alliances. That being said, if someone is found to be cheating or in violation of our TOS, appropriate actions will be taken.
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