7k Prestige looking for Platinum 3 or higher.

I took a step back from the game for Season 2 but I'm ready to get back into the fight for season 3.

7000 prestige
Season 1 - Platinum 2
Season 2 - Gold 2 (moved to a casual alliance)
Ran mostly Path 6 with some Path 7 mixed in
Map 6 experience
Act 5 100%
LOL 100%
US player, EST time zone
Plenty of rank up materials to take a new champ to Rank 5...just waiting on the champ to arrive.

I'd prefer to use Line App to communicate. I can provide videos via Line App of a few of my fights if necessary.

If it seems like a match, send me an in-game message. IGN: Mirage Turtle



  • Mirage_TurtleMirage_Turtle Posts: 1,036
    I'll add that you should feel free to reach out in this thread or via message if you have any questions as well. Thanks.
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