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I just beat WS with a 3* star-lord, rn I'm pretty happy. Any tips for Captain Marvel though? I just lost my Cap to her. I'm not trying to clear it as of right now since I don't have a 4* guillotine for Wolvie, but I just want some advice for future references


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    There's nothing special about cpt marvel, tbh. She's one of the easiest fights in ROL as long as you know how to dodge her 2 specs. She will do a lot of damage through a block with them. Both are easy to dodge though.

    Since L3 isn't active in ROL the only real threats you'll have are SW and Wolverine. SW's threat is easily bypassed by using a poison immune, Hulk will dominate her if you have him. If you don't use a poison immune she's still very much killable but you're probably going to die often because of her heal block/poison stack combos. Wolverine has plenty of options but Guilly is the most common choice for getting him down the quickest, he's the only true threat that will make or break your ability to finish. Everything else is just a matter of knowing how to evade the specs effectively and parrying.
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    Yes. You are going to have a hard time without guilly for wolverine. I did it all with a 4* sw except wolverine. Just built a synergy team towards crit hits. Just practice,practice,practice lol. Youll eventually get the hang of it. I used all 4*s. Guilly,juggy,uc,sw and colossus it worked for me. Good luck
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    Just bait her sp1 and don't let her get to sp2.
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    cymuller25 wrote: »

    I'm not trying to clear it as of right now since I don't have a 4* guillotine for Wolvie, but I just want some advice for future references

    u dont need a 4s guillotine a 3s will do it...But u just need to be fast with the souls cause if u go under 2 souls you wont be able to activate her l2 debuff
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    I wold restart with a different team... I cleared everyone with wolverine and used my guillotine for wolverine. Get a good crit team and stack those bleeds.
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    Don't get hit.
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    You don't need a 4* Guillotine for Wolverine either. A 3* or even a 2* Guilly will work. Key point is to hit Wolverine with her Sp2 as often as possible to reverse his healing.
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    Whenever you're fighting Captain Marvel, always dash away from her after 4 hits instead of a full 5 hit combo. That way it'll make evading her SP1 much easier, cause she'll trigger it almost always whenever she has a full bar and dashing back early will make it much more easier to evade. Like what other members have said it's much better to go for her SP1. There's times when she'll use her SP2 and when you're about to dash in to attack afterwards she sometimes immediately dashes forward, most of the time killing you within a few hits.
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    I thought it was against the rules to use BlueStacks for this game?
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