AW - mini boss node 29 + Magik (Expert Map)

Carmel1Carmel1 Posts: 390 ★★

I know there is a node "aspect of evolution" that increase ability by 5% for every gain of power but:
In two different wars, I was lucky enough to fight against Magik on that node with Blade (and sparky synergy) and Magik was triggering Limbo with every single power bar. even with regenerating some of the damage, after 4-5 limbos i was dead. It was a 5*R4 magik in both case, sig ability no more than 60 and MD lvl 1-2.
It was on two different wars, but i fought her 6 times in total because limbo killed me twice each war.
Is it just a bad luck or maybe something is broken between her Limbo, blade and the interaction of this node?
(I heard other players are having the same issue)

I know that the easiest thing to do will be to say "everything is working as intended" but would you mind to ask a developer to check the numbers there to see if this is really the case? maybe the 5% increased ability someone doesn't take in consideration Blade ability reductions?


This is why i miss the old Black widow (before v12). with her 100% chance we could test it ourselves and find out if there is a bug (like the bugs we found with Ultron's regen and Spidy's evade)
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