2nd Uncanny Danger Run Rewards

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I was one of the many people affected by the botched roll out of the uncanny danger room where i initially only got credit for the 1st one and showing 100% on the individual quests. (I ran my 2nd one on the top 3 difficulties wed morning after extended maintenance, still locked at 15/30k)

So, just now i noticed that the milestone went to 30/30k, allowing me to claim the last one. Did anyone else notice that?

My real question is were you supposed to get the individual rewards for each run of the various difficulties? If so, i havent received a mail or anything to go along with the milestone credit, so has anyone else seen anything about that?


  • Yes you are supposed to get multiple rewards. They are intending to give out the points over these few days so yeah, they mentioned it somewhere in the forums
  • Hi,

    Rewards will be granted to those players who missed out because of the issues with the Uncanny Danger Rooms on the first day. A full explanation of the resolution can be found in this announcement thread.
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