Regarding: Uncanny Danger Room Issues

Greetings Summoners,

Earlier today, we experienced an issue that affected the Uncanny Danger Rooms. If a Summoner completed an Uncanny Danger Room, any additional runs that they did would not grant them any additional rewards, or points for the Uncanny Danger Room Solo Event.

We resolved this issue later in the day, and any Summoners that entered a Danger Room for the first time after the fix was implemented were not affected.

However, any players that entered an Uncanny Danger room while the Quest was in its original state cannot earn any more rewards from today's Uncanny Danger Room Event. For those of you that are affected by this issue, we will be manually granting the rewards that you are missing. That means that you receive rewards for every run of an Uncanny Danger Room that you spent passes to enter, completed, and did not receive rewards for.

Additionally, we will be extending the Uncanny Danger Room Solo Event, and granting the points that you did not receive from those Quests as well. Extending the Solo Event doesn't mean you'll have additional chances to get Points though! Those points are only for beating Uncanny Danger Rooms, which are here for one day only!

This means that Summoners are free to continue battling through the Uncanny Danger rooms to earn more rewards, and points for the Solo Event. Both of these grants will be completed later this week. As a reminder, Uncanny Danger Rooms DO NOT award points for the Danger Room Alliance Event.

Thank you all for your patience as we worked to resolve this issue.
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