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Description of Bug: Killmonger is unable to activate a true strike buff against Captain Marvel’s L1.

Killmonger has an ability that is described as follows:

Hitting opponents that are recovering from a Special Attack grants Killmonger True Strike for 16 seconds. This allows him to ignore Armor, Resistances, and Evasion.

Killmonger is able to activate True Strike in this fashion against Captain Marvel’s L2, but it never triggers against her L1. Presumably, the same is true when facing Ms. Marvel, but I have not tested this.

The special was successfully evaded (hence the dexterity callout) and Killmonger is going in for the counterstrike:

Captain Marvel is still mid-air, so she's still recovering from her special attack. Killmonger scores a hit, but true strike doesn't trigger.

The Special Attack 2 doesn't suffer the same problem, but I've never been able to trigger the true strike from the Special Attack 1 after a few dozen attempts.

This issue was also discussed here:

Device and Version: iPhone SE
Device Operating System: iOS 11.4.1
Mobile Carrier: Verizon
Cellular or Wifi: Both
Game Version Installed: 20.0.1
Game Mode: Event Quest, Realm of Legends
Champions Affected: Killmonger
Active Boosts: None


  • I'm giving this a gentle bump as it's been a week without any official acknowledgement. I'm hoping someone from Kabam can take a look.
  • I second this. He can never activate it against her. It needs to be fixed in general. The window is too small or non existent against some specials
  • Nothing on this yet? There are quite a few instances where his Ts should activate but doesn't, i wish they would give us the actual window of time that the abilities require for it to activate.
  • It's not just marvel, I've succeeded in doing the same thing with IMIW (Ironman Infinity War) and the true strike didn't proc.
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