[A-G-B] Gold 2 LF 5 active but easy going players for AQ 54444, AW, & SA. Line Required.

We are seeking new members to fill in the last few spaces of the alliance because 5 members recently retired. People will ideally be skilled players with multiple ranked 4* and 5* champions. Additionally, players must be active & clearing lanes with communication. Most of the players are located EU & AUS, but active enough to play with most international players.

Communication is key. We use line, and so should you.

Us: Active, committed, talkative and helpful, & easy going. We run AQ 54444 or 44444 and always hit SA.
You: Must hit at least 3 out of the four listed above.

Preferred Method of Contact Line: Kapsdan1

If you can not find me on line, you can contact me in-game using the same name.


  • We are still seeking new members. Please contact me on line if you are interested.
  • We are still seeking 5 members and welcome premade groups of friends that work well together already.
  • Still seeking a few new members. Please contact me through line.
  • We are still seeking new members. Please contact me through line: Kapsdan1
  • We are still seeking new players that can handle aw, and aq 44444 at a minimum, but also be laid back.
  • We are seeking 1 to 2 more. We have filled many of the open spots.
  • nonamesnonames Posts: 77
    We are looking to fill 4 to 5 spots with active players that can hold their own in gold 2+ wars, and aq 4/5. We welcome all international players as long as you are respectful and active. Please contact me on line: Kapsdan1
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