3 Looking for AW Gold 1 and Free AQ

3 of us looking for new alliance.

Please save us all time and only reach out if your ally offers all of the below:

AW tier 4-5 for Gold 1 with 3 bgs.

Active officers that pressure everyone to finish their paths in AW early.

Don’t sweat losing due to attack bonus.

100% explore AW map almost every time. All members save a glory reserve or spend $ to finish paths. Saving glory to spend on pots allows most to play for free.

AQ maps 3 and 4. Only run map 5 a maximum of once a week.

No other uptight minimums for other events, but also prompt removal of dead weight.

The 3 of us will make your ally stronger. All of us are former officers in a Gold 1 ally.

In game name is same as Line

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