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Allow to choose your special

One thing I don't understand is how hard it is to allow us to choose which special we want to use?
I mean why do I have to use the special that lights up? For example when I have a 3 bars why can't I use L2 instead of forcing me to use L3?

It's especially annoying when using mystics with full MD or power gain champs like Hyperion.
Seriously, it's not hard to do and it actually makes sense!

I'm not the first who asked for this but kabam keeps ignoring us! Why?


    while it would be helpful, it would be fairly difficult to actually implement a system for your suggestion that would actually keep gameplay the same. not to mention the amount of lag and glitches that would come from them trying to implement this
  • MrMaatMrMaat Posts: 302 ★★
    and also imagine you are on the recieving end of that.

    people complained when sentinels first came into aq. one of the reasons was they could build to 3 bars and then fire SP2, followed instantly by SP1. which was devastating.
    as a player you would have no time to react to the AI chaining specials and you could sooo easily get destroyed from 1 slip up.
    just be strategic... if u want a particular special you need to try and play in a way to time it so u have it when u need it.
    it can be a challenge sometimes but that is part of the game
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