The Lag

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Is so unbearable on android. I just fought GG and i lagged so much that my fight was frozen during his sp2 and when it unfroze i died no thanks to lag..not to mention i cant stay on for more then 10 mins bc i cant do anything in the game as it lags


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    Most areas of the game, I experience little or no lag. AQ is an entirely different animal though. Since approximately the last update, I went from consistently finishing as one of the top three players (always taking down at least one miniboss and/or boss), to bottom of the pack. I lag in almost every fight. Against GG (map 5) I suffer all sorts, ranging from being hit through blocks, evades registering seconds after activation, massive frame rate drops, and an absolute inability to parry. Champ almost seems to randomly move at times. iPhone X.
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    Same here
  • Hey there, we currently have two threads going where we are gathering info on reports like this. If possible, would you be able to provide the data requested in either the iOS or Android thread? This would help us to look into this report more thoroughly. Thanks!
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