Looking for possible new alliance

I’m just looking at different alliance options trying to make a switch. I’ve been in an ally for over a year now who finished with 200 mil in alliance quest and ranked top 50 in gold one. My prestige is currently 7644. Let me know if you have a spot open


  • zbot34zbot34 Posts: 179
    Hello @TacoBell97 I actually have 2 spots open in my alliance. If you would like to chat please feel free to hit me up on line zbot34
  • RemeliRemeli Posts: 168
    Line id Remeli

    -We run AQ 5x5 (160M)
    -AW tier 4-5. Gold 1 last 4 seasons. Season 12 we spent almost the whole season in plat 4 but lost our last 4 wars for various reason to fall back to gold 1.
    -SA 500k weekly
    -Donation are small 60k gold and 4k loyalty

    Great group of ppl that have been playing together for a while.
  • Be_niceBe_nice Posts: 42
    Hi! Line ID is be-nice1754, would love to chat with you!
  • Suman_sahASuman_sahA Posts: 283

    I Interested, contact the Leader or any Officer there in game...
  • PC1996PC1996 Posts: 30
    Hey dude, were a gold 1, Map4 alliance. If your interested my line is @patc96
  • Crazy_JamieCrazy_Jamie Posts: 133
    edited October 12
    You’ve had a few replies now so might have found somewhere, but if not have a look at the thread I’ve made for our alliance and see if it’s what you’re looking for;

  • Colinwhitworth69Colinwhitworth69 Posts: 1,226 ★★★
    [1Dos3]We are Gladiators has three retiring players and need to replace them to maintain our AQ scores and rewards.

    We're a fun alliance that runs three BGs in AQ, the toughest being 5-4-4-4-4 and the easiest being 4-4-4-3-3. We're a low stress alliance that wants to build our rosters and improve our skills, and this week we scored 85 million in AQ.

    We run AW optionally, and currently we have enough interest to run on BG every day of AW, and we'll add another BG if needed.

    There are no donations required.

    The only things we require are the use of Telegram for messaging (just to organize AQ, at minimum), and to participate in AQ, or at least to communicate when you cannot be available. We all believe our lives come first, the game second. yet we always do well in SA (750,000-plus this week, 1 million-plus last week).

    You can find me:

    Line = colcorndog
    Telegram = @cwhitworth
    MCOC = Col. Corndog / [1Dos3]We are Gladiators
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