5.4 camera lock

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Whats the point of it?


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    The point was that when it was first released, you basically had no idea what to expect as you progressed through the quests other than who the final boss was. Then, literally one day after it was released, you could go online and find info about all the paths and every champ on them. Understandably, I don't think they are going in that direction again to make content more challenging
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    Whats the point of it?

    i am sure he means it in a sarcam well atleast I hope so because as it is like the one abov me said there's no point in it ANYMORE just remove it and let it be easy for us to see what and where we need to go
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    Per the announcement.

    You’re locking the camera? Like Labyrinth?

    Yes. Locking the camera along with the use of portals is meant to escalate the stakes of choosing certain paths and emphasizing “solving” the map as a riddle. Don’t worry, you won’t be COMPLETELY in the dark about what to expect on certain paths, but Chapter 4 is meant to be hard in more ways than just one, and adding some elements of gameplay/problem solving to the map is part of that.

    What do you mean we won’t be COMPLETELY in the dark?

    Portals are now labelled with short hints about the type of encounters you’ll find on the other side. For example, you may see a Portal with text next to it saying “POWER” which means the fights on that path will all focus around your opponent’s power meter. Perhaps another might say VITALITY OR RESILIENCE, which means there are 2 options at the end of that path, one which focuses on health (whether that be regeneration or simply high health pools), another on damage resistance, such as energy or physical resistance, or even high armor. As a general rule, here’s how Portal Labels are written:

    A & B - The & joiner means BOTH effect A and effect B will be on the path this Portal leads to
    A OR B - the OR joiner means you will be able to choose a path containing EITHER A or B, but not both, after exiting this Portal.

    Some Paths feature Act 5 Buffs you’ve squared off against before, and those Portals will be labelled with the name of those specific Buffs so you know what you’re getting into.
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    Can tackle it by simply set a task list in note app of your iPhone, then put a tick for which path u have finished. I did that for Act 5 exploration.
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    Something like that:

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