Been demoted from leader? <MERGED THREADS>



  • 1Salty_Siren1Salty_Siren Posts: 6
    Happened to us too
  • HeraldofNoneHeraldofNone Posts: 237
    What sucks even more is fixing this takes resources away from making the game better or fixing other bugs. We lose overall in so many ways when Kabam screw the pooch like this repeatedly
  • Literally promoted one of the lowest members in my ally to leader. Not even an officer. The way their bug glitched their update makes no sense ... even the bug itself is bugged! lol :p
  • 1Salty_Siren1Salty_Siren Posts: 6

    Glad my alliance is peaceful. I wonder just how many alliances have self destructed through this error

    Yeah I bet there was some pandemonium in the battlerealm today
  • WeezerKDI1WeezerKDI1 Posts: 144
    Happened to us. It promoted one of my officers and left me as an officer.
  • WeeHobbit89WeeHobbit89 Posts: 66
    I think anyone who kicked people from their alliance after being promoted to leader will be getting there asses kicked once this all blows over. This is like game of thrones. Yikes
  • WeeHobbit89WeeHobbit89 Posts: 66
    I think the weakest member of the alliance is who became leader. It was in mine
  • I've been hearing of some alliances getting slaughtered by their "new leadership". Bet there was a window between the bug happening and the kick function being disabled. That really sucks for those players. Hope they will be able to recover.
  • DonutCopDonutCop Posts: 2
    Happened to me as well
  • Missie_AandQMissie_AandQ Posts: 3

    Dark Missie here , leader of alliance namely Aces and Queens; TAG NAME:GO4G

    Its about the bug that you've seen.. and I was demoted from leader to member please fixed my alliance.. Regards

    Thanks and more power..
  • Anyone with an ally set as "Open" should fix that ASAP. You don't want a new guy coming in and disrupting everything. Better to be safe than sorry until this chaos and mayhem is fixed.
  • SimroarSimroar Posts: 3
    Put something in the in-game mail. 80%+ (being generous here) players don't check this forum and it's destroying alliances. People accusing of hacking and getting kicked etc. This is a disaster.
  • Same happened to me in my alliance. I was demoted to member and a different member promoted.
    When will this get fixed?
    I am the leader of NAMM, Radman13.
  • psp742psp742 Posts: 238
    I asked the very same question in our alliance.. the weird part was the member who got promoted probably would be overwhelmed by the sudden change.. I wonder what time an emergency maintenance is due to correct this.. someone in our alliance even enlisted for AW.. I guess all AW will be cancelled?
  • This happened to me also ...
  • Malinda_BlakeMalinda_Blake Posts: 1
    edited October 2019
    I was the leader and now i am a member. Do i need to submit my data or u are getting it on your own Kabam?

  • Queenrebel777Queenrebel777 Posts: 2
    edited October 2019
    This just happened to us and almost caused a mess of messes. How will they know whom to correct? We have several people with missing units such as myself. When we verify our accounts Kabaam act like they don’t know us and all of the information is correct.
  • ParfanityParfanity Posts: 154

    Leader compensation for mental pain and suffering!

    Yes please
  • BadroseBadrose Posts: 611 ★★★
    Why you all complain? It's just some RNG leadership :D
  • Roguefrogger13Roguefrogger13 Posts: 190
    Simroar said:

    Put something in the in-game mail. 80%+ (being generous here) players don't check this forum and it's destroying alliances. People accusing of hacking and getting kicked etc. This is a disaster.

    That's a valid point because that was the first thing we thought in my alliance. I kicked a long time member right before the war season began and he is a hacker. That's one of the reasons I kicked him.
  • I started my alliance and now have been randomly demoted I will stop playing this game for good to many issues and now if your not active your going to choose who to be leader not right either way
  • wdawg2237wdawg2237 Posts: 30
    So is collecting data code for, we went home for the night. Good luck
  • Nos4atuNos4atu Posts: 12
    I’m sure it will be all fixed by the morning.
  • eggistaeggista Posts: 19
    Bug? You are joking, right? How can anybody f.. up so easy condition and turn it in to "bug". U should consider employment of real developers instead kids who passed some JAVA quiz...
  • Owari67Owari67 Posts: 2
    Had the same happen in our alliance. I was demoted from leader to member. Seems like this is pretty widespread. I agree that an in game message should go out to explain the issue and that it is being investigated.
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